Friday, May 25, 2012

38 weeks and ready to pop

This past weekend our sweet friend Grace came down from Moncton not only to visit with us but also to take some photos of my "big" belly and our family.  The kids were a little non cooperative but she did manage to get one great family photo at the end of our session after we feed them some chocolate mini eggs.  Note to self for next time; have lots of treats on hand to reward children for looking at the camera! hehehe

We have a lot of funny stories from our short session but this one is us trying to get Jaelyn to stop crying and come join our family! hehe

See parents this is what you get when you offer chocolate to just get one nice picture! hahah

Once the kids pretty much had it Grace was able to get some great photos that I can't wait to blow up and frame!! 

I really love this one.  I can't wait to scrap book it and put it in the nursery.  I just need a nice bible verse to go with it.  Something like out of your love be fruitful and multiply :P  

I wanted some bubble gum for this one to say ready to pop but Grace did a great job adding that to the picture!

Here are some other great shots from our fun morning together.  

It was very sunny and hot this morning so it was a little more difficult with the sun then what Grace had hoped.  But she still managed to do a great job. 

And of course the candit pictures are the ones that are so special and I love how she captured Micah telling a funny frog story to Jaelyn with 2 frogs that he caught during our session.

Thanks again Grace for capturing our family of 4 soon to be 5.  You can check out her website at Grace Caines Photography

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