Thursday, September 29, 2005

We did IT!!!

My dad and I started a bet about two years ago to not get hair cuts until after I graduated from University. My dad’s intentions were that we would cut our hair together and send it away to “locks for love”. Which is an organization that makes wigs for children who have lost there hair to cancer. The bet however got pushed back because of the wedding date. I didn’t want to cut my hair before the wedding so we continued to let it grow. After the wedding, Micah and I spent two weeks away and then moved to Moncton, with out my dad and I having the chance to get hair cuts. On Thursday morning Sept 29th I called my mom to tell her that I had, had enough and I was getting a hair cut. Our friend Nat Phinney was the brave guy who took me while Micah was at work. You should have seen the look on Micah’s face when he got home from work to find out I had lots 9.5” of hair! I told my mom not to tell dad that I was getting a hair cut so I could send it to him. Come to find out later that weekend my dad had called my mom Thursday night to tell her to meet him at the barber shop with the camera because he was going to have his hair cut! My dad ended up having 15” cut off. I guess it is true that Great minds think alike.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Maritime Song

Stephanie Mainville was nominated for two Maritime Gospel Awards as well as being asked to perform her up beat prayer for the Maritimes with her Maritime song, which is featured on her CD "Family". Micah and I had the privilege of joining Stephanie on stage as she preformed the opening number. Micah was playing the drums on stage with many other great musicians, while I dance a Highland/Celtic dance along with 9 other terrific dancers. It was a blessing to be a part of such a powerful move of God.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Our apartment

Our apartment has come a long way since we first moved in. I have been having lots of fun unpacking our stuff and rearranging the apartment to look just the way that I or should I say we like it. Micah and I spent one evening shopping around Moncton for shelves and other house things that we needed. We found these great shelf units at the Super Store, they came in pieces and needed to be assembled. Micah being the wonderful husband and handy men he is…had them together that every same night.

We pretty much have everything we need for our place except kitchen chairs. We have the table but for some reason we don’t have the chairs. Praise the Lord that Joanie, Micah’s aunt gave us these African stools. They are very multi-purpose units, we have been using them as our own tables as we sit on the floor to enjoy our meals.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


So my dear friend Paul, who I met at school, is originally from Moncton. I was excited that we had moved to the area and couldn’t wait to email Paul to tell him that we were living in Moncton. At this point I thought Paul was still hiking on the Appalachian Trail and we did not have the internet so I thought it would be a while until we could hang out with him.
Our second day in Moncton I decided to walk down the street to get an extra key cut for our apartment so Micah and I would both have a set. While walking back a car pulled in behind me as I was crossing the street, cutting me off. I was a little scared at first because the driving here is a lot more aggressive then in the small town of St. Stephen. When I turned around it was Paul! We were both so shocked it took us a while to spit words out of our mouths. He had just got home from the trail the day before and just randomly happened to be driving on the same street I was walking (Praise God). That night he and his sister came over to hang out. We looked at wedding pictures, talked about our summer adventures, played Nintendo and eat some yummy homemade and store made goodies. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 19, 2005

Ella Mae

Today my new baby cousin Ella Mae was born. She was born at 3:37 in the afternoon and weighted 7lb 8 oz.

Micah and I are traveling home on Thanks giving weekend to meet her. We are also very excited to see Chloe (that's Ella's big sister!).

Micah's First Day of Work!

This is Micah on his first day of work!!

When he got home he was so excited. One of his good friends Wey-Wey is working at the company with him. He was also very excited to find out that the company was having a golf tournament at the end of the week. What a great place to work!!
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Friday, September 16, 2005

Busy Weekend

We had such a busy weekend after we found the apartment. We traveled back to St. Stephen to get all of our wedding presents then to Fredericton to pick up Micah's stuff. We took the day off on Saturday due to a TEC meeting and on Sunday we headed for Moncton after church with a van full, 2 truck loads and Dave and Rhonda's van was full.

It was a wet drive but we made it and within two hours our house was some what put together and everyone was on their way back home!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Apartment Shopping

We left this morning early to go apartment shopping because Micah was starting his job Monday morning at 8:30! We had gone through the papers last night looking at all the potential apartments that would allow us to move in right away. We used most of the car ride to pray for a place to live that would be cheap, clean, well lit, spacious and quite. We spent the day looking at gross smelly apartments that were very tiny. Finally we had an appointment to meet with a man that only rented to older residences. We took our chances and met with the nice French man. After walking into a beautifully clean and well lit apartment we decided to ask about pricing. The price was right and the space was great! It came with another storage space which was great since it was only a one bedroom. We decided to take it and he allowed us to have it since we were a young couple with a job. When we were writing out checks he told us not to worry about September since there was only two weeks left. PRAISE GOD!!! We handed back to St. John that night with an apartment and a busy schedule of packing!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Micah Got a JOB!!!

Micah left this morning really early to head to Moncton for a job interview. In the afternoon we got a call from Micah asking us to pray from him as they were calling his references. When Micah returned home that evening, he came running in the house with a job offer in his hands!!! Praise God!!

Marie-Helen and I spent that afternoon baking him a fruit pizza (which is one of his favorites) and we enjoyed a celebrating supper with his parents and grand-parents.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Honey Moon Adventures Day 13

It was a beautiful sunny day for driving! We got up early, packed up all our things and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of cereal and homemade toast from Mary-Lyn. Then it was on our way home! We had such a wonderful Honey Moon! Thank you so much to every one who helped make the trip possible. We praise God that we had the chance to see His beautiful creation out West as well as swim in the amazing ocean in PEI! We were very blessed to have so many people help us out. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We love you all

Friday, September 09, 2005

Honey Moon Adventures Day 12

Today it rained and rained and rained. Praise God that we got to go to the beach the day before hand! So we just stayed in side eat junk food, watched movies (Magee and Me), and played Nintendo. It was such a fun day. At the grocery store Micah and I decided to splurge on Coke, just because it comes in glass bottles on the island. That night we invited the Farnham’s over for supper. We made sweet and sour sausages and Mary Lyn brought some homemade bread, fresh tomatoes and corn on the cob from their garden. We enjoyed a wonderful supper and a great time with the Farnham’s. After they left we headed straight from bed so we could get up bright and early in the morning to head back to St. John to see our friends and family and to tell them how wonderful God was to us on our travels.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Honey Moon Adventures Day 11

Today was a great day. We woke up to the beautiful shine sun
and the weather man saying it was going to be a hot one. We
took full advantage of the forecast, packed up and headed to Cavendish for a day at the beach. On the way there we played the Peterson “Hey Cow” game, a game that consists of yelling at the top of your lungs “HEY COW” when you see a group of cow. You then count the number of cows that looked at you and by the end of the ride who ever has the most cows is the winner!! I should probably say that even with all of Micah’s years of practice…I had the most cows! The beach was so beautiful, we spent the whole day laying out, reading, eating, and swimming in
the beautiful salty ocean. After the beach we decided
to go out for a romantic lobster dinner (as you can see from the
picture…Micah got pretty cooked like a lobster at the beach!). We went to a restaurant called fishermen’s waft. This restaurant had a 60 ft. long salad bar that was all you could eat. I got my money’s worth on the muscles and seafood chowder and Micah pigged out on the all you could eat dessert after supper. We each enjoyed our lobster and our time together. With full belly’s we drove home and enjoyed watching Napoleon Dynamite before bed.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Honey Moon Adventure Day 10

Today we slept in really late…because of the jet lag. When we got up we decided to make good use of the BBQ. Micah cooked a great lunch of hotdogs with fried onions and cheddar corn! It was very delicious. The weather in PEI was so beautiful it was much nicer then the weather out west so we decided to get some sun and go to the beach. We found a quite beach that didn’t have a lot of folks on it and enjoy the sun while reading our Bible and praising God for his wonderful creation! In the evening we enjoyed a terrific steak dinner, cooked by the BBQ professional himself. We spent the evening playing cards before going to bed.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Honey Moon Adventure Day 9

Now we know why they call it a red eye flight! We arrived back in Moncton only to find that the FART mobile won’t start. We flagged down a nice gentlemen who tried to give us a boost but it didn’t work so he drove us to an automotive center, which also didn’t work, so when we got back to the car (praying the whole way) we tried one more time before calling Tri (Micah’s Mechanic). He told Micah to hit the starter with a hammer. So it was back to the civic to try this advice…with only one problem…Micah didn’t know where the start was! So he began banging on the “starter” with a hammer. Until we heard a deep voice say

-“Car troubles”- deep voice man

- “Yes” Micah replied in what seemed to be a kid’s voice. We looked very tiny when we saw that the voice was coming out of a 2006 dodge ram.

- “I have the same car” –deep voice man

- “My mechanic told me to hit the starter with a hammer” Micah

-“Well that’s not the starter”- deep voice man

Soon the man was in the parking lot and the civic was running again! Praise the LORD!

We headed to PEI and reached the Farnham’s late in the afternoon. After meeting Mary-Lynn she blessed us with fresh vegetables from her garden and gave us directions to their cottage. Once we got to the “resting place” we went to sleep for 14 hours, we were very tried!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Honey Moon Adventures Day 8

Monday morning we got up and packed up all our staff and ate our great breakfast of croissants, bagels and OJ. We went upstairs and said our goodbyes to Elaine and her family. We exchanged email addresses. She gave us a great blessing, and sent us on our way back to NB. On our way back home Micah needed to stop and have his picture taken infront of his favorite mountian!

We went to Bentley to Deja’s family home to pick up Rhett and headed to Calgary. We met up with Dwayne @ a Tim Horton’s (the Eastern meeting point!) We were really tried from our late night and our long drive so we did not really feel like seeing the sights. We went back to Dwayne’s house instead to met his family and house mates. We enjoyed a lovely homemade meal, then Micah, I and our new friend Dave (who is a YWAMer) went to Tehillah Monday. It was great we got to chit chat with our friend Laura Woodley and her fiancĂ© Daniel. After the service Dave took us to the airport to catch our red eye flight.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Honey Moon Adventures Day 7

We over slept this morning and missed church so we read our bible and had our own time of worship. After breakfast we headed off to the small town of Banff. We went down to the falls and saw the Banff Springs Hotel, which is like a castle. Then we went shopping downtown and got Shiloh some Maple Tea. It was fun looking at all the shops. After that, we returned home and fixed up Elaine’s computers a bit more. Katie got talking with Elaine about nutrition and the girls were comparing notes. They decided to cook a huge Indian meal and I invited Richard over and we BBQ’d chicken. While the gals were cooking Elaine sent her daughter (Victoria) down to the shop she owned. Victoria picked us up every kind of fudge that they make at their store along with presents from Emma, Jonah, and Ethan (our niece and nephews). It was awesome!! Then we sat down to a 5 course Indian meal that was incredible. The carrot soup was to die for, Katie and I ate with Richard and had a great time joking and laughing and re-in acting Richard’s job. God is soo good, what a blessing it was to feel like we had family, even though we were so far away from our own family! What a blessing that family was to us…all because God gave Micah and talent and brain for computers.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Honey Moon Adventures Day 7

Saturday was moving day. WE packed up and headed off to the park of Banff after a great bowl of alphabet cereal. We drove into the glorious mountains and were blown away by their size and beauty. It was certainly amazing to drive through those giants. WE stopped and took pictures along the way. When we got to Lake Louise we packed up our picnic basket book bag and headed for the sights. The lake was BEAUTIFUL!! Everyone, and I mean everyone, was taking their picture by the lake with the crazy mountains in the background. We then hiked up yet another mountain to check out the tea room. It was quite a hike, but we were very fast and once at the top, we ate our salad, hamburger, Kraft dinner with hotdogs and fruit. People were definitely jealous! Katie enjoyed a pot of coffee and I drank a nice apple spice tea. It was amazing, the food, the tea house, the view…and the funny fat chipmunks that everyone was feeding!! After Katie finished her pot of coffee…..she ran down the mountain saying ‘hi’ to every person going by. Just Joking, we were both very friendly, representing New Brunswick. Then we traveled to the busy little town of Banff and met Ellen our hostess. She was very friendly and told us everything about Banff and our spot. It’s great and we think we will enjoy it. We BBQ’d chicken on the B&B owners BBQ (they were so nice!) Elaine was having computer troubles so Micah is going to help her later tonight. After a wonderful garlic sauce supper, Katie tricked me into going downtown by saying that she felt bloated and needed a walk…Little did I know that she only wanted ice-cream! We walked downtown and looked at all the shop. It was cute; the town is very busy even though Elaine says that tourism is way down. We found the Red Carpet Inn and asked for Rick. He was not working yet, so I don’t know if we will get to see him. When we got home, we helped Elaine with her computers. I installed firefox and got a wireless card working. After that she gave us 6 ice cream bars/sandwiches. WOOAAH!!! Praise GOD! (Cause Katie didn’t get any ice-cream on our walk down town) After that we sat in the hot tub on a cloudless night, stared at the stars and ate ice cream…wow what a day!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Honey Moon Adventures Day 6

Today was our relaxed day! We took a walk in the morning and hung out with dutches the lama. We cleaned up the cabin and had a nap. We enjoyed a wonderful supper of BBQ’d hamburgers, corn on the cob, salad, left over soup casserole, and leftover chicken Alfredo (HOLY)! We ate so good….. In the evening we drank tea while playing cards on our deck. Then we relaxed with a movie night, and of course we ate more…because that is what you do on you honey moon! Micah finally got to enjoy his chips and chip dip as well as his orange pop.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Honey Moon Adventure Day 5

Thursday was a really fun day! We woke up at 6:00 AM to get ready to go. We packed a lunch and hit the road for Edmonton. It took 3 hours to get from the cabins and with Katie’s great navigation skills (did you read that Dee and Al), we got to the west Edmonton Mall no problem! It is humongous! We stated at the not so popular Zellers side of the mall and bought all the things that we needed right there. Then we went exploring and shopping. We looked at the amusement part and decided to go on the rollercoaster! It was awesome! It was so packed tight inside the building that the corners were crazy. There were three loop-to loops. The last one was small, but so tight that you felt like you were going to pop. After that, we went shopping and Katie bought a new cowboy hat (YEHAW!). Then we went back to the car and had lunch. We then drove around the mall to get to the water park…we were too lazy to walk. Then we went to the water park for 3 hours, but it seemed like we were there all day because we never stopped! We tried every slide and we had a blast. Katie’s favorite was the wave pool. The wave pool turned her into a little kid again as she jumped and jumped and jumped. The waves were huge and it was a ton of fun! At 4:30 I had to drag Katie away from the horn blast which signaled another round of waves! WE then went out to Boston Pizza for supper; we enjoyed a delicious supper before handing back to our cabin in the woods.

We had to stop in Bentley due to Katie’s craving for ice cream. WE stopped and met a nice lady named Janice. I told her how we knew the walkers and that we just got married. After we ordered our waffle ice cream cones, which were huge, she said that it was a wedding present for us and we were stunned. GOD is SOOO good. Finally we made it home safe and went straight to bed. I’m still fighting a cold and Katie is staying healthy.