Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Our trip to Quebec

So we just got back from our two week Kings Kids trip to Quebec City!! a blast! If you want to check out all the awesome things that God did for us while we were there you can visit here.

We did want to share some photos with you from our trip. I would write a long detailed description of what happened but as we have been hearing from many of you who followed the Kings Kids blog you all only looked at the pictures anyways so I will save my precious mommy moments and just give you want you all want.

Micah, Eben and I on our first outing. We toured old Quebec City but before we got there we stop at Parliament; that is where this picture was taken.

These are our two new friends Simon and his wife Alex. Simon works at the cafe where we worked. On our day off they took us along with Marie-Helene and Jamie across the fairy to enjoy "World's Best Ice Cream". It is a soft serve cone (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, orange or maple) dipped in milk or dark Belgium buddy it was so yummy!!!

Here I am working at the Cafe. Each team member had their turn working in there either cutting up veggies, preparing desserts or doing the dishes!

Here is the whole gang. This photo was taken right before we did our presentation. It was in front of a very large and beautiful Catholic Church.

Here is our pirate family Arrr.....The love feast theme for our trip was pirates so we all enjoyed the evening every much...Eben didn't like his eye patch too much though.

On the way home we stopped in Perth-Andover at Carl's Dairy bar. Micah's mothers family is from there so he told the lady working his family history as we waited for our cheeseburgers and onion rings, which were the best onion rings and burger I have ever eaten!!!