Friday, July 27, 2007

Kate at Camp

This summer I had the privileged as an intern to go to Camp Dia-best. This is a camp that is held each summer at Camp Rotary specifically for children with diabetes. There were also 2 other interns from other nutrition programs selected to go; along with two registered Dietitians. When we arrived on Friday evening we were told that we would no longer be known by our real names but we were each given camp names; so for the rest of the week the camp staff and children referred to me as Tangy.

Our days were filled from morning to evening. We were responsible for posting all the nutrition information for each meal and snack on poster board around the dinning room. During meal times we were each in charge of one cabin. It was our responsibility to make sure that the children accurately counted the right amount of carbohydrates that they consumed. During snack time we handed out snacks and counted carbs. The afternoons where great as we spent them on the beach swimming with the kids.

One of our big jobs was during rest time. One cabin each day would come to the chapel to play nutrition games that we had created. We made these games to help them know how to create a balanced meal, how to read labels and better visualize what a proper portion of food was. This is me with the dietitian Spicy; we were in charge of the label game.

Camp wasn't just all work for us as we got to play and party with the campers as well. This picture was taken the last night during their carnival.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Josh's Graduation Party!

While Micah's Minnesota family was still down visiting, Deja (our sister in law) hosted a Graduation BBQ party for her husband Josh! Josh had been going through blocks of school to complete his electrician papers. As of this summer he is officially done! What a blessing it was to share in this special day with him along with many friends and family members.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Frank and Lilian's Wedding

July was the month of weddings for us. We had 3 in a row! The last wedding we attended in July was a renewing of vows by our dear friends Frank and Lilian. We first met Lilian two years ago when we moved to Moncton. Right away her outgoing and loving spirit made us feel so welcomed. She opened up to us right away and told us about her dear Frank who she had married 3 years earlier, before coming to Canada with her family and they had been praying for Frank to receive a visa so he to could come to Canada. Our prayer group prayed for him every Friday night and one year later we greeted Frank into Canada. It took Lilian a little more time then Deborah to plan the wedding so this summer we were blessed to attend their wedding ceremony.

Now the difference between Canadian weddings and African weddings (besides everyone being MORE then fashionably late : ) is that the Africans NEVER stop dancing. They dance up and down the aisles, people dance around the bride and groom and the best part was when Lilian's brother Calvin and friend Lea danced the cake knife and server up the reception aisle!!

Now the dancing didn't stop there. After the speeches and eating all the guest headed to the dance floor to learn some new moves. Here is Calvin teaching Micah how to really bust a groove!

After all these weddings Micah has really turned into a dancing machine!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Family Supper

Once we got back from the wedding we had the honor of having Micah's Minnesota family along with his parents and grandparents come and join us for a delicious supper. We had a wonderful time together enjoying a feast of Rhonda's seafood chowder, ribs and strawberry short cakes for dessert. We hope that the next time you all come to visit, we will be in a bigger house!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Ben and Jo's Wedding

After Deborah's wedding it was time for our vacation to Dunham. We left early July 10th and spent a whole day driving. We had so much fun driving the back roads through the states to get there.

We even drove through MEXICO....hehehe....Mexico Maine that is. Micah made me get out and take this picture of him!

We stopped half way along the ride for a nice picnic lunch by this beautiful lake. The weather was a bit warm for driving but we finally made it there that evening.

We had a wonderful week hanging out with family as we helped Ben and Jo prepare for their big day. Our days were filled with long "to do" lists as we all helped to prepare for the big day. At night we enjoyed having hot drinks in our hands, games and fellowship.

The wedding took place on July 14th. It was a beautiful day for an outside wedding. Guests began arriving early in the morning as most people were staying at the YWAM base for the night.

After the ceremony, the wedding party along with family went to take pictures on a beautiful hillside that was very special to both Ben and Jo.

The day was so much fun because we got to meet up with friends and family that we had not seen in a long time. The Peterson grandparents along with Joan arrived early in the week, Mike and Anna Cains drove from Toronto, Dave and Kate Turner came from Montreal and our dear friend Rob flew in from...well I don't really remember where he is now, but I know it is far away. The reception was a blast as we were entertained by Jamie and Marie-Helene Morell. The night ended with a very fun Quebec wedding dance!

The next morning all the guest enjoyed a delicious brunch, which was prepared by the brides maids. We had so much fun at the wedding that even baby Miah was tired out the next day.

That afternoon family and friends joined Ben and Jo as they opened many wonderful wedding gifts before heading off for more honeymooning!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Deborah's Wedding

Our July started off with Deborah and Jean-Luc's wedding. This wedding was very special for us to attend because of the journey that these two love birds have gone through. Last year Deborah flew to Africa to marry Jean-Luc. Throughout the past year we have all been earnestly praying for him to receive a visa to come to Canada. Finally on May 13th, 21 of us from our church gathered at the small airport in Moncton to welcome this man that we had heard so much about.

From that day on, Deborah put us all to work planning the wedding for July 7, 2007. She did an excellent job, putting a wedding together that quickly. After been friends with Deborah and being involved with the African community for over a year we should have figured this was not going to be your typical Canadian wedding. As 2:00 approached, the church was fairly empty as it was only filled with Canadians. It was about 3:00 (1 hour past the time on the invitation) when the church became filled with many people and the bride began to make her way down the aisle.

The wedding was filled with lots of cheering and dancing! Afterwards we enjoyed a delicious African feast and yummy wedding cake we all danced the rest of the night away learning many new moves!