Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2011 Garden is in

Finally got the garden planted. Its really late getting it in this season but due to the weather being so wet we had no choice. The boys got the pea fence all up, seeds are in now we are praying for sun shine.

My in laws have also started a International community garden and we spent a nice sunny day at their garden and got some of these great photos.

Monday, June 06, 2011


So here at the Peterson house hold we have been up to lots of house projects. When its warm outside (which hasn't been too often) we have been doing outside projects. And the rest of the time we have been working on painting and decorating the inside of the house.

First outside we spray painted our plastic patio furniture. I LOVE this color.

We (or Papa) I should say also spray painted my bike. I LOVE it so much. This treasure I found 2 summers ago during spring clean up. I forgot to take a before picture but it was rusting brown. Now it is beautiful blue and I love riding around on it!

It was nice having Nannie and Papa around to help us get these project done on one of the warm sunny days we had. Here is Nannie and Lady J hanging out on the deck.

Now come inside to see our new den and bed room.

Here is the start of the den/craft room/spare room/office.

Painting the furniture to go with the room.

Here is the office corner

The craft corner



We took the double bed out and put in a futon.

Now onto the bedroom

Just getting started

ClosetsWe went with 3 walls cinnamon cherry and one wall gray.

This mirror was attached to our dresser vertically in the old room. Now I sanded it down and painted it black and hubby attached it to the wall horizontal. I really love how big it makes the room look this way! You can see in the mirror a brown night stand which will be painted black once we get some nicer weather again.

Now over our bed we got a very nice gift of a head board painted by my friend Elisabeth. She made this out of two old windows that she found on the side of the road during spring clean up. I loved how it turned it out. Its titled Love Grows which is so cute.

Also our bed spread was a gift to us as well. This design really adds to the room.

And above our head board I used my Cricut and white vinyl to cut out our Monogram. I love love love how my two new rooms turned out.