Thursday, December 13, 2007

OH Christmas Tree!!!

So here it is ladies and gentlemen...our first Christmas Tree !!

Last Saturday after we went to the market, Micah took me to a tree farm and we picked out this beautiful little guy! It was a prefect size for the space we had in our living room and for the Aveo. We didn't even have to tie it on the roof because with a little rearranging it fit right into the back seat! When we got home Micah cut the bottom off and put together this lovely tree stand that my parents brought up for us last weekend when they were here visiting. We let it sit over night so the branches could fall down and take a nice tree shape.

On Sunday we started the decorating process. Micah put all the lights on while I started the popcorn garland. Once he was finished with the lights he and Weiwei helped me do the garland. They did a great job stringing the popcorn. I tried to provide other snacks for them to eat so the popcorn would make it on the string instead of in their bellies.

When we had finished with the popcorn it was time to put on the decorations. I let the boys do this part as I made some hot apple cider for them to reward all the hard work they had done!

So now we have been enjoying our evenings sitting in front of our beautiful lite up Christmas tree and fire place. We are very excited to be spending Christmas here in our new home with "God willing" our new family!