Monday, June 28, 2010

New Swing Set

We just celebrated Eben's 2 1/2 birthday! I know it sounds weird but when you are born on Christmas morning we figured (only after having a house WAY to full of presents on Christmas morning) that we would celebrate 1/2 birthdays for Eben. We started the weekend off with a big birthday celebration for the little guy on Friday; which was actually his 1/2 birthday. * Pictures of the party will be coming soon!

So Nana and Grampy came up to spend their first days of vacation with us and putting together a beautiful swing set for Eben.

Here are the guys making sure all the pieces were there.

Starting the project

Its getting close
Just putting together the final touches ( not too many hours later!)

All in place and ready for Eben to take his first swing on it.

Him and Daddy up at the crack of dawn trying it out before the rain came.

Also while mom and dad were here Eben's play house got a second coat of paint and looks great thanks to Nana.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wedding Day

So we just got back from a beautiful wedding! Its so wonderful that two people could have their first kiss after a pastor says you may NOW kiss your bride!

Since the bride is the family life pastor at our church it was a very kid friendly wedding. In between the ceromony and the garden party there was crafts for the kids, a bouncing castle, pop corn machine, cotton candy machine, and hot dogs.

Here are some pictures we took during our wait;

The family

Our church is having a baby boom and its so wonderful to be pregnant with some really great friends.

We are in order of due dates: Elisabeth July 7th, Me Aug 29th , Breanne Sept 4th and Carla November 18th.

And yes your NOT seeing doubles Breanne and I have the same dress on!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The very best Mothers Day!!

What an awesome mothers day I had! I woke up to the smell of cheddar, thyme and tomato omelets cooking and my two boys making me a beautiful mothers day card.

After a powerful message at church we came come and I enjoyed my afternoon reading and resting on the couch enjoy a delicious decaf cup of vanilla coffee. While my boys where busy watching YouTube videos (found here) and cooking me up some of these delicious ribs!!

After my afternoon of resting these delicious babies where finally done!! Micah did such a great job of making BBQ potatoes, carrots and we even had salad!
Eben wanted to show his plate off too. He wasn't as fond of the ribs as we were. They really were the best ribs we have ever eaten!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hockey boy

After the Olympics, Eben now has a passion for speed skating and hockey ball which he calls Sochi ball! We have been enjoy the beautiful weather outside every day playing.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winter Fun

With a fresh new snow fall this weekend Eben and daddy enjoyed some fun time out side making and throwing snow balls. As you can tell I was the target for both of them! heheh

After our fun time outside we enjoyed watching the Olympics inside before we played a great game of Rook. We are teaching Eben how to play early! heheh