Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday afternoon with Corey and Nicole

After church we had the pleasure of having two of our friends from youth group over. Corey is a drummer at our church so he and Micah hit it off right away and Nicole is his girlfriend who attends Soul Purpose Youth on Tuesday nights. We had a great afternoon making pizza, eating chips and chatting. We also had some time to play bomberman (it’s a super Nintendo game) and teach them how to play Dutch Blitz.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

A quick trip home

So this past Saturday morning Micah and I woke up and decided to take a trip to St. John for the day. It’s always an adventure traveling with us. Half way through the trip I decided that I need to have something warm to drink. Something like a coffee….So we stopped, at of course, Tim Horton’s. Usually when I get to Tim Horton’s I for some reason always have to use the rest room. So I left Micah in charge of ordering my coffee. When I came out I noticed that Micah had more then a coffee due to the very full little brown bag he was holding on to.

When we got to the car, Micah hauled out ONE sour cream glazed Timbit for me.

(pictures not to scale)

Then he hauls out a Boston Cream DOUGHNUT for himself. Yes people my wonderful husband purchase a Timbit for me and a Doughnut for himself. For all of you who know my drama ability you better believe that the man getting into his truck next to us got a show as I questioned Micah about the size of our treats! At least the man got a good laugh for the day!

We spent a wonderful after noon hanging out with Micah’s family chatting over tea and homemade baked goods. We had plans for the evening so we couldn’t stay to long and before we knew it we were one our way back to Moncton to join Genieve and Phil for supper. We had a great night with them enjoying Genieve’s cooking, looking at wedding pictures and of course playing some Dutch Blitz!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Josh and Deja join us for the evening

Josh and Deja finally got to visit our house this past week. Deja’s sister Dara was flying in from Edmonton so they decided to join us for the evening while they waited for her flight to arrive. We got to enjoy a wonderful supper of sweet and sour sausages, homemade cheesy garlic bread and ginger cookies and tea for desert. We had a wonderful evening chatting, playing music and keeping Ethan entertained.

You can tell that Micah and Ethan look a lot alike in this picture!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Nat and Naomi come for a Visit

On Wednesday we had the privilege of having Nat and Naomi spend some time with us. They arrived in the afternoon on Wednesday which gave us some time to go out and do some shopping. Nat had decided that he was going to prepare supper for us and boys oh boys was it yummy. With some help from Naomi and I, he made honey chicken and Spanish rice. We enjoyed this wonderful meal when Micah got home from work and finished off the meal with some delicious banana bread! Then we spent the evening over at Nat’s sister Kait’s house.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Good Old Maritime Meal

First I should start off by apologizing to our faithful readers for not being up to date on our postings! We are truly sorry for making you wait so long to hear about our lives.

On January 14th we had the pleasure of meeting a newly married Christian couple from here in Moncton. They where married the weekend before Micah and I (Aug. 20th). Genieve and her husband Phil joined Micah and I for a good old Saturday night meal of baked beans, hotdogs and macaroni and cheese. This is our new bean crock that we got for Christmas!

This was the first time that Micah and I had ever invited people over to our house who we had never officially met before. When we moved to Moncton some friends in Fredericton who knew Micah gave this young couple our email address. We have been emailing each other since we moved here in September but with all of our traveling on the weekends and Genieve’s schoolwork there was just no time where our schedules fit together. Micah and I had planned on making this meal the night before and when we started to prepare it on Saturday morning we felt like today was the day to get together! We had such blast learning about each other, eating beans, drinking tea, enjoying a wonderful fruit pizza for dessert (which we now know the difference between evaporated milk and Eagle brand milk) and a fun game of Dutch Blitz, which Paul joined us for! We found out later in the evening that Genieve was with Micah and I on the long bus ride we took our first Christmas together to Urbana! God is always surprising us!

*For you Dutch Blitz players you might find these scores a little bit funny. Remember that this was the first time that Genieve and Phil had ever played. Just to note that Micah and Paul played on a team together switching off every other game!

Friday, January 13, 2006

The Racket's Back

That's right, the Racket's back. MonkeyTown (Moncton) has some sweet free Badminton at the Dieppe Community College! My friend Stephen Weyman invited me and I gladly took up his offer. Now Steve, Weiwei Geng, Geng Wei and Myself head out to Dieppe to battle it out on the courts every Friday Night. Now you might be saying: "What about Katie?". No worries, Katie has been invited out on Friday nights with the girls for a prayer time, bible study and lady fellowship!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

O O Oooooo, O O Oreo......What's in the middle?


Oh yes, it's the Birthday Boy and I am here to tell you that my 24th Bday celebration was one of the best yet! This is my favorite desert of all time.........Oreo Desert! Katie made one mean Oreo Desert for my Birthday. It has crushed up oreos and ice cream and chocolate fudge and peanuts!!!!! Hoorah! And check out this classic heirloom Peterson plate (thx sis!). As you can tell........I'm a little excited!

While I was out visiting my friend WeiWei with TC, who was up for the weekend, Katie was busy preparing a SURPRISE birthday parth for me with lots of Moncton friends!!! Katie prepared my favorite and only birthday meal, Mexican Pile-up. It is basically the best food of all time. Would you like to know what it it? You do? Ok : ) Let's make a song about it.

*Mexican Guitars Start up with Fervor*

Crush up the Taco Chips (Crush up the Taco Chips)
Then spread the Beans (Then spread the Beans)
Sprinkle on the Rice and the Spicy Hamburger
Now take a second now
Everyone Breath

You add some lettuce and tomato and some salsa too
You grate cheddar and a spoon of sour cream or two
Now add the Cheese Sauce,
the Cheese Sauce,
the Cheese Sauce,
the Cheese Sauce,
And now were through

*end guitars*

Now you are left with a mountain of mexican food! Hoorah! Here are some of our many guests packed into our tiny apartment! In fact, a few people had to sit on the floor.......sorry Matt and Paul = : ^ S

Usually that is my birthday; friends, mexican pile-up and oreo desert. This year though, Katie added a new bonus of Nana Jamer's special Corn Fritters!!!! Man, what a night! The bottle next to this little treat is Burt Stewart's Homemade Maple Syrup! Thanks Burt!

A few people had to leave after supper, but the rest of us headed over to our friend Stephen Weyman's apartment so that we could dance on his new playstation dance mats! Check out TC and me playing that funky music! It was a blast and WeiWei stunned us all with his incredibly fast chinese feet! (If you look closely at the picture, my legs are moving so fast that they actually seperated at one point, hahaha, just kidding)

We finished off the night with a really fun round of Cranium.

Thank you to all who came and to all who have sent me cards and email wishes. 24 was a big Bday!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Dee comes to Moncton!!!!

Micah and I were so blessed this past week to have Deanna come and stay with us. Even though her visit was short we still enjoyed a fun and exciting time together. She arrived shortly after Micah and I had a Swiffer party…we really were cleaning because we knew that she was coming! Haha…Dee and I spent our time together chatting, looking at the wedding pictures, shopping, eating and of course laughing!! It was so much fun and I can’t wait to see you again! Micah and I are planning a road trip this month to visit all of our friends in Antigonish! See you all soon!


Getting back from the Christmas break was a bit overwhelming. We had so many boxes and bags thrown every where that you couldn’t find the kitchen floor. Micah and I finally set aside a night for cleaning. Once everything was picked up off the floor it was time to break out the new Swifter that we got for Christmas. The commercials for this cleaning instrument are NOT exaggerations! Once your hand grips around the rubbery purple handle it’s like you are taken away into a wonderful world of cleaning. Soon you forget that you are cleaning and the next thing you know you are sliding around dancing and singing! Hahah…ok from these pictures you can tell that cleaning our apartment has now become our new entertainment. Who needs cable when you have a Swiffer?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Voting Booth

Hi all, I just want to let you know that I have put a new "Hungry for Truth" blog up and I think that it is important that all you Canadians read it. I think that voting is a very personal thing, but I just want you all to know some stuff that Katie and I watched on the debates. God Bless!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Winter is Upon Us

Well, Moncton winters are known to be fierce. The blistering cold whips through the city with a bone chilling wind. The snow can sometimes bury cars and homes under a heavy white blanket. Therefore Katie and I have been busy preparing for this blustery season! I just recently armed my car with some mighty all season tires and lots of windshield wiper fluid. Most importantly though, we dress for the winter! People sometimes get warm just looking at us in our nice winter outfits!!

Even though the cold can sometimes keep us inside, we often enjoy our hot coco (thanks Nancy!) and a rousing game of Tetris (1 Tetris is a puzzle game invented by Alexey Pajitnov in 1985, while he was working for the Academy of Sciences in Moscow, Russia during the days of the Soviet Union. Pajitnov has cited pentominoes as a source of inspiration for the game). We wish one and all a wonderfully snowy season!

1 - Tetris according to Wikipedia