Monday, January 17, 2011

29th birthday

Earlier this month hubby turned 29!! To celebrate his birthday we had a family birthday party.

Micah arrived home to a dark house and 4 people ready to jump out and "surprise"him from behind a very colorful chalk board. That said Happy Bithday!! It was only later that we realized we had forgotten the R...heheh oh well.

With party hats and all we were ready to celebrate by enjoying an awesome Korean meal that our friend Sera spent the day preparing.

When supper was finished we sang happy birthday (while Micah played his harmonica). He even used it at the end of the song to blow out the candles, which Eben thought was pretty cool.

We had a good evening enjoying cake with our neighbors! We did work off the cake all evening as we played the Wii.

I think Jaelyn had fun at Daddy's birthday party!!!