Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas with the Stewart's

We started our Christmas vacation off with a trip home to St. Stephen on Dec. 22nd after we were finished work.

On Saturday we had some visitors show up to enjoy a wonderful Christmas supper!

My aunt Debbie and her husband Tim came baring gifts and an sweet apple pie!

Weiwei was with us again this year, my grams where there and so were some good friends of my parents. We had such a feast with all the fixings. After supper dad played us some Christmas carols on his bagpipes. He sounds so much better then he did a couple of years ago when he was first learning how to play!

That night we enjoyed some good music outside in dad's work shop. Micah and dad where playing the guitars and Weiwei gave the bass a try. He was really good for his first time

On Christmas eve we went up to my cousins house to spend some time with my girls Chloe and Ella! We had lots of fun with them playing with some new toys that they had just received.

Soon it was time to head home again to get ready for another get together meal. On Christmas eve we enjoy a big feast of muscles!!! They were so good! By the look on Micah's face I don't think he liked them too much!! haha..

Micah had me up bright and early on Christmas morning! I think that we was anticipating some beef jerky in his stocking even though we told me a billion times that we didn't get him any this year!!! He quickly new we were tricking him when he went to the fridge in the morning for his orange juice and wrapped around the carton was a big bag full of beef jerky!!! We had a great morning reading about the birth of our Savior, Jesus in the book of Luke. We shared lots of laughs as we were gather around the table opening our gifts. Micah got a big surprise as Mom, Dad and I all pitched in to buy him an Ipod for Christmas. It was the last gift he opened and that was the last we saw of him! haha...

Before we left Christmas day to head to St. John to spend time with Micah's family, Weiwei and I decided that we need one last feast at the Stewart house before the long drive back!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Long Time...No Blog!!!

Hey bloggers!! It has been a long time since either one of us has had some time to sit down to tell you all what has been happening in the life of us Peterson's! It would take us forever to go through all of the wonderful adventures that we have had so I am going to sum them all up in this one post.

The last weekend in August, my AMAZING husband planned a weekend get-away for our 1st anniversary. We went to St. Andrews to stay at a beautiful bed and breakfast. We enjoyed a sunny afternoon biking around St. Andrews and a relaxing evening eating chocolate covered strawberries and drinking water out of wine glasses.

After our weekend away Micah and I headed to St. Stephen to enjoy a vacation at home with my family. It was a lot of fun. We did a lot of hanging out with my two little cousins Chloe and Ella.

By the end of the week it was time for the Peterson's annual camping trip. This year we decided to spend the weekend at New River Beach. We had a wonderful time with Micah's family. His grandparents from the states were down visiting so we really enjoyed our time with them!

After all the fun it was back to St. Stephen for me to spend some time with my mom. Mom and I had a wonderful 3 weeks of each other!! It was fun to be mothering to her as I helped her recover from a surgery that she had.

Since then I have been enjoying doing my internship. There has been some pretty crazy weeks with home work and job shadowing but besides that I am learning lots and loving every day! Micah has been doing well with the internship thing as well. As you know last year he got pretty spoiled with the home cooked meals and baked goodies. I have been very impressed with Micah's willingness to help out in the kitchen. Just recently I walked into our apartment after working a 12 hour shift to find Micah in an apron and home made beans, potato scallop, bread and dessert waiting for me on the table. It was a fantastic meal!

Thanks giving was a great time for us as both of our families came together at Day Spring, along with our extended family members, to enjoy a turkey, stuffing, potato, squash, gravy and lots of desserts. It was a FEAST!!! After supper the guys had some fun playing with a few big boy toys!!

Micah and I also had the honor of preparing a Thanksgiving meal for our friend Pastor Theo and his family. He is the African pastor at our church that we work with leading the African children's choir. He has a wonderful wife and five beautiful children. Micah and I did a great job of preparing everything with out fighting once! haha....We had a very pleasant afternoon with their family.

Last month we were very busy as we were preparing for our church's annual Christmas production, the living nativity. Even though we were very busy with practices we still made time to enjoy some meals with our friends.....

The last weekend in November was one of our most craziest weekends. Two of our closest friends both celebrate their birthdays on this weekend. Friday night started out with a special visit from Micah's sister Shiloh. Then it was off to Stephen and Maria Waymen's house to surprise Maria. We had a wonderful time of fellowship, prayer, food and PARTY HATS!!!

On Saturday it was the annual Christmas parade. To get more in the Christmas mood we decided to have a Christmas cookie party before the parade. We invited lots of our church friends and African friends to join us. The girls had a lot of fun preparing the cookies with Micah and then they had even more fun decorating them with LOTS of frosting, sprinkles and colored sugar!

Once our belly's were full from the cookies, frosting and apple cider it was time to get dressed warm and head down town to enjoy the Christmas Parade!

The parade was pretty long so by the end of it we were all frozen. Micah and I had to carry the two little ones we had with us because their feet were so cold. After we got them back to their home to thaw out Micah and I were off to celebrate Deborah's birthday at yet another surprise birthday party. We had a very fun night again eating and praying.

The month of November ended with a new addition to our family! Miah Peterson, who is Micah's brother's 4th child, was born on November 30th. We had a great trip home just last weekend to see Miah. What a great weekend we had! On Saturday night we enjoyed a big family dinner before we got out the Christmas puzzle to do with the Peterson's, Jamer's, and Parson's.

This weekend we are busy preforming our Christmas production. We are having lots of special people come to see the production. Micah's parents and my parents will be joining us, our niece Emma and nephew Jonah and of course some of our closet friends. We look forward to preforming the story of our King Jesus' arrival to us!!!