Thursday, March 30, 2006

First Try at the Whoopie Pie

Last week I spent the day with my friend Jenny learning how to make whoopie pies. I have never really made whoopie pies on my own (only under the supervision of Louise from camp) but we decided to give it a try.

They were not that hard to make but somewhere in the middle of the batches the chocolate cookie parts stopped cooking for us. The centers of the cookies where mush! It didn’t seem to matter how long we keep them in the oven, they just wouldn’t turn out for us. We were able to put some of the cookies together and hide them among the ones that looked great.

But there where a few that just flopped!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mountain Lions in Moncton

There have been rumors in New Brunswick for years of giant cats that live amongst us. Have you ever heard of these "sightings"? Well, fear no more! Katie and her new friend Lisa also spotted this ferocious feline in has been captured! A Moncton resident has captured it and made it their pet. Katie was able to capture this picture of it tied to a leash in a yard not far from here.

Now, of course the skeptics will say....."That's not a mountain's a domestic cat!!". Really though, think about it, why would a harmless domestic cat be on a leash??? *eyebrows raised* Hum?? Exactly.

(If you look closely, you can see the leash!)

Friday, March 24, 2006

Cheese Robber

This morning I was awakened to an awful sound! As I came out of the room to investigate I found a crazy man had gone into our refrigerator and stolen our cheese. Now you see to Micah cheese is very precious. It is so precious that he is only allowed to eat 2 slices per day. If this rule wasn’t in place we would go through a block of cheese every other day. This morning as I tried my hardest to stop the man from leaving, due to cheese over dose, he went crazy!

He jumped onto our couch and began to escape through the window!!! In the midst of the pursuit I did mange to grab the camera and get some shots of him leaving….HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN???

(Of course you all know this is Micah! I know the neighbors are going to think that we are crazy, or at least all the parents who drive by in the morning dropping their children off at the school next to our apartment........)

Welcome to our crazy day to day life!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Saturday advanture!

This Saturday we had a wonderful time at our friend Jenny’s house with a lot of young adults that attend Glad Tidings. We started the evening off with a devotion done by the young adult’s pastor at our church and then wasted NO time getting to the snack table afterwards. There were lots of treats there for everyone to enjoy.

This is Genieve eating straight from the bowl of trifle! Ha-ha…I am just kidding she was only serving so that every one could enjoy a piece of this chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, whip cream and score bar delight!

After we were all pretty much stuffed we decided to play jungle speed!! This is a very fun game to play with lots of people. There were 14 of us playing so we had to play on the floor.
Out of the 14 of us only 4 had ever played the game before so it was funny listening to Micah explain the rules in English and then Philip having to translate for him in French! Once everyone se-mi understood we starting playing and had a BLAST!! Thanks Ben for getting us such a wonderful game to play!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

RD. Peterson

Hi everybody! I would just like to take this opportunity to brag about God and my wife!!!! As many of you know, it has been a long time goal of Katie's to become a Registered Dietitian (RD) and we found out on Wednesday that she was accepted for an internship position at the Moncton Hospital!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!

Now for those of you who don't know what this means, let me explain.........

Anyone can be a Nutritionist. I can be a nutritionist. I can hang a little sign on my door and tell everyone all my theories about food, eating and exercise. Now that's a little scary, but don't get too frightened. What I can't do is work at the hospital, work for the government or for major institutions like Superstore. Why is that? Because I am not a Registered Dietitian. To become a Registered Dietitian you have to have something like a nutrition degree AND an 8 month work term as an intern at a Hospital.

Well, last year Katie applied for her internship at the Moncton Hospital. New Brunswick only has 4 English internships a year and they are all at Moncton. She worked very hard on her application package, working long nights on a hand written letter, getting references and filling out forms. I knew then that Katie was very capable and would no doubt be a contender for the job, but with no face-to-face interview, all the people hiring had to go on was her letter. Anyone who knows Katie knows that you need to meet her in person : ) She did not get the internship, but they told her that she was in the top ten! There were 36 some people that applied and some of them had even been working in hospitals for a few years. I was very impressed with Katie. It was hard, but we trusted that God had his plans for us and we went ahead with our plans to get married and Katie got a job working for the summer at the Fredericton Hospital with a lot of wonderful Dietitians (including the very cool Thomas A and Anne M!). God is so good you know? Little did we know, but we now realize that God just wanted us to rest and enjoy our first year together. Now, armed with some work experience and the Lord, Katie has been accepted into the internship program one block away from where we live!!!!!!! How cool is that? How good is God??!! We have to praise him, he is so wonderful! He has blessed us more than we could ever have imagined. If you ever think that your plans are not working out, we would encourage you to keep going and trusting the Lord! Thank you to all of you who have supported Katie and prayed for her! I am so proud of my wife!!!! She worked very hard and I am so happy for her! I'm so joyful to see her joyful! God Bless you all!

We celebrated with a little DQ Kristy!! hahaha.

"But I have trusted in Thy lovingkindness; My heart shall rejoice in Thy salvation. I will sing to the Lord, Because He has dealt bountifully with me." Psalms 13:5-6

Monday, March 06, 2006

Daughters of the King

This Friday at our weekly prayer meeting we enjoyed a wonderful banquet to celebrate two of the princess’s birthdays! We had so much fun preparing everything and then getting to enjoy a wonderful time of fellowship around the abundance of food. Ellanor and I spent the day with Deborah preparing the house for the evening. While Ellanor and I where making pizza Deborah was busy at work make plantain chips! It’s basically a fried banana...I really enjoy them dipped in Mayo!

When all the girls had arrived we enjoyed a wonderful meal of pizza, chicken wings and fried plantain. We felt like true royalty as we drank our water or apple juice out of fancy wine classes!

Once the meal was completed it was time for dessert. I had given one of the gals Amanda the recipe for Oreo dessert and she decided to make it in a spring form pan. It was amazing....just like an ice-cream cake!

After the supper we watched the gals open their birthday cards and prayed for God to bless them throughout the year. Once everything was cleaned up we enjoyed a wonderful prayer time in the presence of the Lord.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Saturday Report

Welcome to the Saturday Report.

Once we completed our morning routing, we called our friends Phil and Genieve to see if they wanted to go to the Dieppe Market, well, really we just called to ask for directions, but next thing I know, Phil is my new Navigator! We all hopped into the Fart Mobile (my car's name, do to the mutilated "Fear This!" sticker and massive muffler) and headed off the to the Market. It was awesome! P and G had some cheese coupons, so we hunted for the cheese booth to no avail. But along the way, we got attacked by some kids with coupons and they said that in order to free these giant chocochipcookies, we had to get past the crescent rolled sausages (basically buy $1.25 of something and get a free cookie)!! Phil and I immediately rose to the challenge and defeated the evil pigs in a blanket by eating them and the girls got to eat the giant free cookies.

After the market, Katie decided to try out our skates at the local centenial park. We had lots of fun. Katie enjoys watching me skate, I'm pretty ridiculous, look at my feet in this picture!!

Katie on the other hand is a VERY good skater! She lapped me several times.......... : )

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be inside the brain of a bad skater...........this is what it looks like! hahahaha. After that we went home to get ready for P and G coming for supper! It was a veritable feast. They brought special cheese and we had Korean Boguygi Beef (Ben you know what I'm talking about! Thx for the recipe Sis!). Katie made some delicious apple crisp, it was a wonderful supper. After some adult chitchat, we broke out some games. Now, we decided to put our competitive spirits aside for a bit and unjoyed a round or two of the "Ungame". Ben and I learned of this game many years ago in Virginia. It's not really a game (hence the name : ), it's about getting to know each other by asking deep questions. Needless to say, we learned a lot about each other. Here is Genieve explaining how she is like the color baby blue!

We also learned how to play pit. Pit is a crazy trading game. We had a blast. It's like full contact old maid. hahaha. The point is to get a set of some food product and not get the bear. Guess what I ended up getting almost everytime? You guessed it :S

It was a wonderful day and we are very blessed to have met so many wonderful Christian couples here and Moncton!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Some Things Never Change

This is my lovely wife on a wonderful Sunday afternoon. I love the day of rest. We are out a lot, but sometimes we just relax. We'll read books, blog and get well rested for the coming week! We hope you all have at least one day a week to rest and read too! God Bless!