Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Honey Moon Adventures Day 4

We woke up to the sun, another beautiful day. We took our time getting up and then made a nice pancake breakfast. Micah made banana, lindor chocolate pancakes!! They were AWESOME!!! We spent some time reading our couple devotional Bible (thanks Linda-Lee and Lauren) and prayed before we got geared up for our big hike. We packed up a nice lunch and headed for Shunda Mountain. It was very close to the cabins. We parked at the bottom and began the long, steep climb. We climbed for about 45 minutes on what seemed like a vertical climb. It was grueling, our hearts were racing and we stated second guessing our decision to climb the mountain. As we got near, the trees broke and the long tiring hike soon became worth it. The sight was absolutely breath taking. Every direction you looked was mountains after mountains. WE both praised God for his creation. It felt like the hills (only WAY bigger) on the sound of

music….as you can see Micah broke out into song and dance…I
think he has watched the movie more then once!
We continued up the trail until we reached the top 6800 feet!!

There was a little fire watch house at the top and before we knewit the fire watch guy Joe came busting out and was hurrying us into his little home ( It was much colder on the top of the mountain). Inside the watch tower was a look out spot that gave a great 360 view of all the mountains. Joe was so great, we stayed for quite a while well Joe gave us the history of the mountain and showed us the many pictures of all the people who had climbed mount Shunda. We had our picture taken for the album and Joe gave us a copy of the pictures he took. Then it was back down the very steep mountain trail. By this point Micah was very sick! Katie cooked a great supper but Micah was unable to eat it because he had lost his taste. We packed it up for leftovers tomorrow and headed off to bed!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Honey Moon Adventures Day 3

We woke up this morning to the sun shinning in our cabin window. We walked out on our deck to find the backside of 4 Lamas! Micah cooked a great breakfast of scrambled eggs, cheese, toast and cereal. We ate breakfast while watching the Lamas outside. After breakfast we got ready to do some exploring around the town of Nordegg.
WE pack a snack of grapes and apples and head for the car. Micah became easily distracted when we noticed that we could feed the Lamas. After quoting some lines from Napoleon Dynamite we were on our way. We headed to the nearest town to find one building that was a restaurant, museum, gift shop and tourist information center. Apparently the town became a ghost town after the mine shut down. We grabbed some information on the mountain hikes and headed to cresent falls. We hiked along side the beautiful falls and enjoyed our snack. There were many signs like this along the hike!Once again it was back home and time for supper. Micah BBQ’d carrots and chicken while I made home fries and a salad. We enjoyed our meal by candle light then headed back outside for a beautiful walk to a creek and amazing view of baldy mountain. When we returned, we had a date night. We watched a movie and had popcorn.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Honey Moon Adventures Day 2

We woke up super early this morning because we needed to be at the air port @ 6 AM. The wake up call, called at 5:15, and 5:17 the ring was very loud and scary. Neither of us at any clue what was going on. After getting ready we headed for the front desk. As I called a cab Micah asked the girl at the front desk if it was possible to get some breakfast to take with us. The lady was very nice she gave us bagels, apples, croissants, milk and yogurt. WE pack it all up and headed to the air port.

We boarded the plan and this young guy sat with us. Micah became friends with him; he was heading to Toronto to meet up with his twin brother. He was having an operation and happened to be a believer so we had a chance to pray with him before we got off the plan.

In Toronto we switched planes and had to wait about ½ hour. We ran into Terri Breen who was on her way back to NB after visiting her father.

We boarded the plan for Calgary to find we had the same seats as before. Only this time there was a young girl seating with us. So I sat beside her and we learned that she was from Germany. I used my German speaking skills that my friend Helena taught me!! After taken a nap, Micah and decided to have some lunch (our cold pizza). We happen to have 3 pieces left over so we offered the 3rd piece to our friend. She was very hungry and took it so we shared our packed lunch of pizza and apples with her. She was listening to music and when Micah asked what she was listening to and it happened to be Christian stuff. She and Micah had a long talk about singing in church. Come to find out she was a Christian who had done Kings Kid Ministry in Germany. We had a great time with her talking about our families and backgrounds.

When we landed, we thought one of kais bags was lost because it wasn’t on the round about thinger, just before we were about to panic, Katie said to check the “oversized” baggage window, and it was there, along with other fragile things because her zipper broke. Rhett found us easily and we were off to Bentley. Katie slept and I talk to Rhrett for a good hour and half. Then we went to Deja’s old house and saw Cody and met Michelle and her kids. They were very kind! They gave us there neon car to use, and offered us food and a cell phone just in case. Then we were off to the Bentley grocery store to load up. One the way we say two people cross the street on Unicycles!!!! We’re not sure what to think of Bentley (ha-ha). We got everything we needed for $110.00. NOT BAD! We got some sweet sales like chicken and cheese. After that we gassed up and headed to our cabin in Nordegg. After passing the first round of large hills, we found our cabin. The people were so nice. It is only $100 a night and it is absolutely perfect!!! It was a little cold, so I made a fire and Katie started a soup supper (which was amazing!), we unpacked and got settled into our little home.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Honey Moon adventures day 1

After breakfast we went back to St. Stephen to open gifts and say good bye to our friends and family. It was a beautiful day as we traveled to Moncton. Katie gave us directions to the “Chateau Moncton”. Which john and Cynthia Cudmore gave to us as a gift. It was very nice. We got free parking white we were out west at the ch√Ęteau as well. We had a big nap, and then we ordered pizza and watched “extreme house makeover”. The pizza we order came and was not what we ordered so we packed it away to eat when we were extremely hungry on our long day of traveling. We went to sleep early because we had to get up early.

Honey moon adventures

We stayed in St. Andrews at a beautiful bed and breakfast. Nat and Naomi dropped us off at around 10:30. The owners wanted to take pictures of us and showed us off to their visiting friends. We stayed in a cute little room. There were tea lights lit everywhere, with a large arrangement of daisy’s by the bedside. The owners had put with and yellow rose pedals all over the place and had place hand dipped strawberries on the night stand.
The bed was very big and comfortable however we didn’t enjoy a peaceful sleep because Micah was feeling ‘fluish’ and was up all night coughing and blowing his nose. In the morning we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of fresh baked scones, fruit and eggs benedict.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

wedding guest

It was so great having our friends there to celebrate the whole day with us. Thank you so much for travelling such a long way and thank you for helping us 'have pretty much the best day of our lives'

Wedding Celebration

It was such a beautiful day with a little bit of wind. We were very blessed to have our closest friends and family came and celebrate with us. Thanks to every one for being a part of our day

This is my solemn vow

I Micah/Katie take you Katie/Micah to be my wife/husband to have and to hold from this day forward.

You are my best friend and the woman/man that I love. Today before God, our family and closest friends I make a solemn vow.

I choose to love you in good times and in bad times. When we are healthy and when we are sick. With a love that is tough as nails, a love that says: "even if everyone else leaves you, I’m not going anywhere"

I choose to build trust with you. Knowing trust is fragile, I choose to earn your trust and be careful not to break it.

I choose to honor you everyday with my words and actions. I choose to be patient and kind, always putting your needs first.

I want to understand you. I want to learn what makes you happy and sad and I desire to spend the rest of my life getting to know you more.

I will do all these things in accordance with Gods word for the rest of my days. This is my solemn vow.