Friday, March 09, 2007

Peterson's Q1 - Quarterly results

*Micah here with a note. Busy times call for busy measures (say that outloud 5 times and then comment if you laughed!) Life in the Peterson Apartment has forced us, as you can see, into mega blogging. This is similar to normal blogging, but the updates come like bi-yearly instead of bi-weekly. I already know what you are thinking: "I love reading these mega blogs, but how do I know when to check the blog to see if it's been updated?". I have the answer, but it's a little nerdy, so you'll have to head over to the nerd page to learn more. This little trick may actually save you a lot of time if you like to visit people's blogs, but are never sure when they are going to update them. Click here to check it out!*

After spending a wonderful time with the Stewart's for Christmas we packed up the car and headed to St. John to spend a few days with the Peterson's.

On Christmas night we all gathered at Josh and Deja's to exchange gifts. It was a lot of fun this year since we all drew names. Weiwei was with us again and he broke the rules and got presents for everyone!! Katie got Weiwei in the draw and you can see here that she did a great job : )

We started the new year out with a big celebration for Micah's 25th birthday!!! Twenty-Five is a really big birthday and I really wanted to do something special for him so a good friend of ours helped me plan a huge surprise party for Micah.

For two weeks we secretly planned out this little Mexican Fiesta behind Micah's back! We had it so well planned out that Micah was in total shock when he showed up at our friends house to find lots of our friends and family there to celebrate him!!

Of course we celebrated with lots of yummy food! Lots and Lots of Mexican Pile Up!!!

After supper we thought it would be a good idea to burn some off some supper, so Dave and Shiloh taught us all how to do the Mexican Hat dance!

We had a wonderful time of Worship and Prayer before indulging in Oreo dessert. This Mexican Party even came with a pinata. It took Micah a couple of swings before it hit the jack pot! This wasn't just your ordinary pinata filled with lots of sugary candy, this was a high class pinata filled with every kind of Lindor ball you can imagine. It didn't take long for more people to jump in and grab a hand full once they figured out the treats inside.

Oh did I mention that this was a theme party with a prize for the best costume! I bet you can't guess who won......

Yes! Rhonda was the lucky winner of the Mexican Fish (see if you can find this new art piece in the Peterson house!!). "A" for effort though, David and Shiloh put up a good fight! (Micah here, I'm thinking that my family was tricked as no one else had Mexican clothes on..... but far be it for a Peterson to shy away from an International Dress-up Party (better known as IDP........ ok I made that acronym up! hehehe)).

Even though January was a busy month we still made some time to head over to Fredericton to spend a weekend with our dear friends Phil and Genieve. What a great time we had going to the market and we all headed out to Shiloh's for a breakfast supper and we even got to see Ryan and Kristy (Food, friends, Kristy this blog's for you : )!!!

The winter here in Moncton has been pretty cold but we have had a couple really nice days to get out and have some fun. We decided one Sunday afternoon that it would be a good day to teach Weiwei how to skate!

Micah thought that he should be Weiwei's skating instructor.....

........That didn't last too long!

Before the end of the day Weiwei had pick up the technique and was skating like a pro.

February was a fun month for us as we celebrated Valentines day and our date-a-versary! For Valentines day our church put on a nice dinner for all the members. The theme was the love boat. It was a lot of fun to walk into the church and feel like you were walking onto a cruise ship. The women at the church did a great job decorating and since it was a "formal" event everyone looked stunning. It felt as though we really were on a cruise. (Micah here, Katie is modeling the "moderne" (French for modern) Kristy Jacket style and I am sporting a classic thin eighties striped tie look!)

On February 26th Micah and I celebrated 4 years of being together! For this special occasion we decided to enjoy an evening the Barn Yard BBQ!!! hahaha..... Nothing like celebrating over Giant Burgers and fries!

Well thats about the run down of what we have been up to. Did I forget to mention that Micah has been working on a side project......

(Micah here, I know what you are's true, it's not my natural hair color : )