Thursday, January 31, 2008

We are still around

We are finally getting our lives back together and have decided to keep on bloggin!!! A lot has happened since we last posted. So we are taking this blog to catch up on what we have been up to.

December was a wonderful month as we prepared for Christmas early this year "just in case" the baby was to show up early. We put up our first Christmas tree and made lots of goodies. The week before Christmas was a little stressful for us as my due date came and went with out a by the end of the week Micah decided to take some extra days off of work to be home with me. We had a fun time together preparing Christmas gifts for our family.

On December 23rd the Peterson crew traveled from Saint John to spend the day with us. We had so much fun enjoying all the Christmas treats, exchanging gifts, laughing and of course playing dutch blitz.

The next day, which was Christmas Eve, was the date the hospital gave us to come in to be induced if the baby hadn't come. So at 7:30 am December 24th we were off to the hospital and 24 hours later Ebenezer Micah Peterson entered the world!! What an amazing Christmas gift he has been!!

When we got home from the hospital we enjoyed our Christmas Turkey and opened our gifts!
..Micah was very excited when he opened this present! I am pretty sure the next day he was down stairs with his friend Andrew putting it together...even though we have a little while longer before we can use it.

We were so privileged to have my mom stay with us for the first couple of nights we were home and then have Micah's parents come and stay for the week after that.

My best friend Deanna and her family came up from Nova Scotia for an afternoon which was a lot of fun.

We spent new years eve eating lots of yummy treats (that Micah's mom prepared), signing and playing a new game the Peterson's got for Christmas called Ticket to Ride.

Since the New Year we have been on the go!! Eben's first trip was to Saint John to attended a farewell party for our dear friends Nat and Naomi who moved away.

While we were there Eben got to met other family members for the first time. Like his Great Grandpa Jamer.

My mom and her sister also met us in Saint John. So Eben got to met his great aunt Debbie for the first time as well.

The weather was so beautiful the following weekend we decided to pack up and head off to St. Stephen for Eben to meet the family down there. He got to meet a lot of family members. Every one from Great gramma Bernice to his little cousins Ella and Chloe!

We are still keeping busy with the little one but enjoying each moment with him. We will be continuing on with our blog...blogging about our outtings and fun adventures that we have!