Friday, December 30, 2011

Our New Home

Welcome to our new house.  We just moved in 1 week ago so things are still not in the order we would like but for all of you wanting to see the new place this post is for you.  I am sure as we hang pictures, paint and get things all put away we will be posting more pictures. 

Here is a picture of our walk way and one half of our front yard.

Onto our deck and you can see the other half of the yard with the swing set and garage. 

Walking into our front door.  This lovely wreath was left here for us.  Such a nice gift from the previous owners.

So here is our awesome kitchen you walk into.   We will be putting pictures up over the table and also giving it a fresh color of paint in the Spring. 



Now if you walk down the hall way here we have a food pantry (1st door), our washer and dryer is next and then you walk into the master bed room which is a large room.  You can't tell how big it really is cause the other half of the room still has boxes that need to be gone through so you only get one side of the room.

And yes our new place has an ensuite bathroom!!!  We LOVE IT.  

Now back to the main entrance off the kitchen we have a big living room.  Sorry this is the only picture I have of the living room at the moment.  The kids have been having fun playing with the kitchen that Jaelyn got for Christmas.  And if you walk down this hall way there are two bed rooms (both were too messy to take pictures of) and the kids bathroom.

I will post pictures of the other two rooms once we get them a little more organized.  Hope you enjoyed your visit with us!  I am off to unpack more boxes. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

December with the Peterson's

 December was so busy but I will try my best to take you through our crazy month.  We started the month of with a date night just Micah and I.  It was his company Christmas party.  It was a nice meal and fun to be out before the craziness started.

Next we headed to Moncton to visit our friends and see them preform in The Nativity.  We decided to take Eben with us.  We took him out for a healthy supper of French fries at Wedneys where he told us "thanks for bringing me on this date daddy I'm having so much fun".  

He loves French fries and root beer!

 Back at the house (Nannie and Papa's house that is) the kids helped papa get the Christmas tree in, put on the lights and add some decorations to it.

The same day we got a very BIG package from Korea!!!  We were so excited to open it and find gifts from our friend Sera!!!  Here is Eben with his package.

What would December be without decorating Christmas cookies.  Here I caught all three of them licking the frosting.

Here are some of the delicious cookies we made for a Christmas potluck.  I didn't have any helpers with frosting these ones. 

Just last week we packed up our storage unit and moved into our new house in SJ.  We had lots of great help which made the move go so quickly.  We weren't in the house 2 days and Micah had the tree all set up and decorated.  Here are the kids helping daddy get our tree set up.

I didn't get a before picture so we will have to use the after Christmas photo.  But here is our tree all decorated in our new place.  If we are going to continue getting BIG trees I will need to get more ornaments.  

On Christmas eve Micah gave a gift to our family to open.  He had gone out and bought the Play mobile nativity set.  We used it to act out the story of Mary and Joseph with the kids.  We all really loved it.  It makes a beautiful decoration that the kids can play with it every Christmas. 

Christmas morning the kids woke up bright and early (8:00 am hehe).  So we started the morning with a delicious tea ring (its like cinnamon buns) and we read the birth of Jesus from Eben's bible before we dug into any Christmas gifts.  I love waking up and focusing on the reason and the real gift!!! 

 Here we are opening our presents from Sera!!  These pictures are just for you Sera.   We love you so much.

Here is Jaelyn's big present she got.  My dad did a great job putting it all together and my mother equipped it with pots, pans and lots of wooden food.  

Her and Eben have both been enjoying it and spending lots of time playing with it. 

That afternoon we enjoyed a delicious turkey supper complete with Christmas crackers (that is why we all have crowns on) and sparkling juice. 

Since I took all the pictures I thought I would take one of myself. hehe

Here are my awesome parents who spent Christmas with us.  Thanks Nana and Grampie clause for all the presents!

Friday, November 11, 2011

New Peterson

So the news is out a new Peterson is coming early June of 2012.   Here are a few of the pictures from our announcement photo session taken by our cousin. 


We just couldn't get Lady J to smile!! 

Thursday, November 03, 2011


November 1st started a month long journey of my hubby having a moustache to raise money for prostate cancer.   Prostate cancer runs in his family so he wants to fight back.  If you would like to donate money check out his Movember Page and click donate.  I told him he had to raise $3.00 a day to keep his stash!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where did the month go?

Since moving from Moncton I feel like the days and weeks are flying by and I can't stop them.  We have been very busy doing nothing if you now what I mean. We have taken some trips back to our home that we are selling. 

The kids and I spent a couple of days in Moncton with our friends and got to go apple picking with some of our friends from Mothers club.  It was so nice to see everyone again. 

We also went and spent a week with my mom, which was a lot of fun.  One of those days we headed to the aquarium to play in the touch tank and feed the seals. 

We had a very hot Thanksgiving this year.  It was so hot it felt like summer.  After our very large turkey meal with my (Katie) family we headed outside to play a game called pumpkin push.  This game was so much fun and a great way to work off some of the meal we just know to make room for dessert.


The next day was just as warm and we had another meal with the Peterson clan.  This year I got to help out with the decorations which was fun to do.

We always have lots of friends and family to share this meal with so this year there were 30 of us.  Here is Jaelyn with her oldest cousin Emma and one of our good friends.

 But when big things aren't happening around here the kids and I have been spending the mornings outside on nature walks and enjoying the lake.

And lets not forget some photo shoots!


Its hard to get a good picture of these two together but I love Jaelyn's expression in this picture.  Its like brother pay attention to me. 

Just this past week we got to travel to Halifax as a family.  It was so much fun visiting great friends and staying in a hotel with the kids.  They really loved playing on the luggage trolly. 

Because we were there with Micah's work we packed lots of food for picnics in the hotel.  Here we are eating our cereal before we headed out to explore the city.

The pool in the hotel was great.  I have never seen a kiddie pool as well as a big pool so it was very nice to have a shallow pool to take the kids in when I was buy myself.

And of course they loved swimming and jumping in.

So there is our month in a nut shell.  I will try to be better at posting so I don't have to do these large blogs.  Thanks for praying with us for our house to sell.  Hopefully soon we can be writing about some new adventures in house hunting.