Monday, October 31, 2005

Our FUN filled weekend

We had such a GREAT weekend. It started Friday night after Micah got home from work, we decided after supper to go and get some ice cream at Sobeys, which happened to be on sale, Praise God! If you know Micah and I you know that we both REALLY love ice-cream so this was a great treat for us. We got to sleep in on Saturday morning and then we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast that Micah cooked. We found a recipe in one of our cook books for Crepes and since we had ice-cream we taught this would be a great breakfast treat. Micah did a great job cooking them for his first time. When they were finished we enjoyed crepes with ice-cream, jam, maple syrup, and chocolate sauce. I had a delicious crepe with peanut butter, bananas and chocolate sauce. (I know I sound like Micah talking about how yummy they were…but I must admit they were delicious). Just as they were finished cooking and we were about to eat our friend Paul stopped over. He got to enjoy some crepes with us and then him and Micah played a game (or three) of Mario Kart before Paul headed out for a bike ride and Micah and I did some unpacking.

It was the first time that Micah and I unpacked together. I have done most of the unpacking while he has been at work so it was quite interesting. We have our differences when it comes to throwing away our childhood stuff. I had a moment in the closest (that’s my quite place) before coming out and helping Micah handle the stress of getting rid of some of his most precious childhood things.

After a long day of unpacking (it took hours!!) we got ready and headed over to Paul’s for supper. We had a delicious BBQ’ed supper! I had the pleasure of meeting one of Micah and Paul’s good friend Matt and one of his friends. For dessert we enjoyed yummy butterscotch squares that Matt’s mom baked for us. After cleaning up it was time to get to business and carve some pumpkins. Now we are not believers in Halloween but we ALL love roasted pumpkin seeds. We decided to work in teams and all carve something unique into the pumpkins! Micah and I decided to carve Toad from Mario Kart into our pumpkin. It was hard to figure out how to do it…but we did and it looked really cool when we lite it up.

Sunday was great because we forgot that the clocks were to get set back so we thought we had slept in but ended up having lots of time in the morning to be able to read God’s word together and pray together. It was wonderful! We went to a church service at 2 then came home and enjoyed some Sunday night pizza while we watched the CBC special on the Referendum.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Micah's picture makes top NEWS!

These pictures just came in the other night from one of Micah’s favorite people who works at UNB. Apparently the professional photographer spotted Micah, out of all the graduates, while the grads were walking into the Aitken Center. Micah was wearing his favorite hat because it was such a cold day and he wanted us to be able to spot him when we walked in! I guess you got spotted Micah!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Bread Towers

Katie's mother made some rockin homemade bread this weekend and not only did it taste amazing........but it was in the shape of a skyscraper!!! I've never seen a bread skyscraper, but if one ever did exist, it would probably look like this and little yeast business people would take the elevators up to their little baking powder cubicles. Ne-who, it tasted amazing and I look forward to eating many more mighty towers of bread!! (thx Nancy : ) Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 22, 2005

TEC meeting

Today we had our last TEC meeting before the big weekend. The meeting was in St. George so it was an early morning for us. The day went quite well with lots of team building time, teachings, singing, praying, and of course yummy food.

After the meeting was over Micah and I went down to St. Stephen to visit my parents. They wanted to take Micah out for a celebration dinner, .since they were unable to attend his graduation. We went to our favorite Chinese restaurant King China, which is in Calais, and then we had a fun night of playing dominoes with my parents.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Welcome to Saint Jonh Party for Jamie

Tonight we had a party for Jamie at Dayspring. It was a party to welcome Jamie to the city of Saint John and into a new Christian community. Emma, Jonah and I spent the afternoon with Dave and Rhonda preparing the building for the celebration. Jonah helped Nanny sweep the floors while Emma used her artistic ability to make a huge WELCOME JAMIE sign, which hung over the open kitchen widow. We then walked around Dayspring looking for leaves and pine cones to decorate with. Soon the building looked terrific and the guest began to arrive. It was a pot luck supper so there was a lot of yummy food! After we finished eating we had a time of fellowship where we sat around and praised God for all His goodness! John, Cynthia and Josh played musical instruments while the children danced around a poll and everyone else sang. It was a terrific time in the Lords presences. Before the party ended we had a time of prayer for Jamie. After the party Marie-Helen, Jamie, Dave, Rhonda, Micah and I headed over to Josh and Deja’s to have a Dutch Blitz night!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Micah's Graduation

Today we woke up a little later then usual because Micah had the day off work and we were traveling to Fredericton. Today was Micah’s graduation, the 5 years of very hard work he put into school was coming to an end. I treated Micah to his favorite breakfast…MacDonald’s! We dressed really warm because it was sooo cold outside and walked down the road to get a not so healthy breakfast. For every one who knows me this was a big step…I love MacDonald’s breakfast but gave it up after getting a degree in Nutrition! I did promise Micah that I would not complain about how fatty it was until we were finished eating. Micah ordered his favorite a Sausage, Egg and Cheese McGriddle (which is pretty much the fattiest thing on the menu…He couldn’t tell if it was grease or syrup dripping from it when he was eating it). He enjoyed every bit and eat the slowest I have ever seen him eat. I got my favorite Sausage Egg McMuffin (which are pretty fatty themselves) and a super large coffee. After breakfast we ran home to get ready to head to Fredericton. The drive to Fredericton was absolutely amazing; the leaves were all different colors! The graduation service started at 4:30. Micah had to be there a little early so I saved some seats for Micah’s parents and grandparents. When the graduates came out we thought that it would be hard to find Micah…until he came out in his cap and gown with his old Canadian winter hat on underneath is grad cap. It took him a little while to find us be we ended up getting great seats close to where Micah was sitting!

After the ceremony we took some pictures before heading to El Burrito Loco (which means the crazy Burrito) for a yummy celebration supper! This is Dora (Micah's Nan) with a plate that she got at the resturant.

Congratulations Micah on your accomplishments. You worked very hard so wear your UNB alumni pin with honor!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Jamie's First CAR!!!

We had the pleasure of having two guests over this Tuesday night. Our friend Kate Phinney always comes over on Tuesday nights for supper and then a fun night on the town…as we grocery shop! This week our friend Jamie joined us, he was in the city today buying his first car. Some of you many know that he just got a job in St. John and needs a car to travel into the city every day! We had a delicious supper and lots of fun hanging out. Kate got to taste Katie’s first attempt at making hummus, it looked like she enjoyed it quite while, despite the staleness of the pita bread.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Thanksgiving Part 2

Yes that's right, we get two thanksgivings! It's a chance for us to be thankful for all God's blessing again with Katie's family..........and yes, eat more gravy =:^D We had fun hanging out with Katie's family, playing pool, playing with Chloe, meeting Chloe's new sister Ella and eating deep fried turkey! Plus Katie made an amazing apple tort desert. (A note to our faithful readers - have you noticed that Micah is writing these posts..........they are all about food, ahahahaha :) Thank you God for Katie's family!!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Yes, it's gravy time on the Dayspring Farm!! Hoorah!!! Let me wrap up my feelings about thanksgving with a quote from one of our good friends who came out to Dayspring (The kwans from Hong Kong):

"....after I filled up my plate with all the turkey and chinese food and afghany food, I just poured gravy over the whole plate, and now it is Canadian!!"

hahahaha, yes Hok!! You've captured it! But seriously, it was a time for thanksgiving. We had friends from all over the world (60 people). The Kwans brought their chinese friends (who brought chinese food :), my parents invited their afghan friends (who brought afghany food), Fred was out from Winnipeg,

Dustin Parson was there, which was an amazing miracle, and he brought a whole entourage with him! We had a time of eating, and talking and an amazing concert by the Kwans and a time of being thankful. God is sooooo good to us! We have many, many, many blessings to be thankful for...........

Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Bishops Dinner

Micah and I had the privilege tonight to attend the Bishops supper in Moncton. They are having these Bishops dinners because both Camp Medley and Camp Brookwood are in desperate need of repairs in order to keep running. The camp boards are trying to raise the funds so they don’t have to shut down the camps.

Having both worked their we were asked to speak to the people attending the dinner on the importance Camp Medley has had on our lives and why we believe that it is an important youth ministry. I was a little nervous but God was so good speaking through both of us. I talked about how Camp Medley had changed my life and if it wasn’t for that youth ministry I might not have turned to Jesus in the lowest point of my life. Micah spoke about why this was such a good youth ministry and how important it is for the people in the Anglican Church to rise up and help the camp out with the funds it needs. We got to sit at reserved seats with the bishop, his wife, the archbishop and his wife, along with our new friend Peter Irish who is heading up the fundraising campaign. It was a fun filled night with entertainment by the drama team at a church in Shediac. The food was also very delicious.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Fun Float Night

After a long day at a TEC meeting we decided to have a game night at Day Spring. It was so much fun having all of our friends over to play Dutch Blitz, pray, and enjoy some delicious orange floats.