Thursday, April 05, 2012

March Madness

I can't believe March has come and gone and I haven't even gotten our March Madness update up yet.  So its a little late and we are into April now but here are some fun things that we did in March at the Peterson house.  The first week of March here is March break so the kids didn't have any school.  We had our cousins over to have a fun day of playing outside and baking cupcakes. 

Eben got to enjoy the last little bit of snow with some other
friends sliding.

The temperature was unusually warm in the middle of March so mama in her nesting stage of pregnancy started some spring cleaning with help of course.  Jaelyn already had done some windows so I think here she is taking a break.

We also found a big play ground here called Dream land.  Its a very big wooden play place so we enjoyed a couple of afternoons/evenings playing there.  We learned that Jaelyn really loves the swings. Not the baby swing though the big swings is where she wants to be. 

Eben loved this tire tunnel that you can climb up through.

During our Spring cleaning we found these fun hand puppets that we got from Auntie D.   So we all put them on our hands and enjoyed the next couple of days of playing monsters. 

Towards the end of the month the weather went crazy high in the 30's so the kids had lots of fun playing outside on the deck, the swing set and their bikes. 

We also had the privilege of heading to Halifax to a conference called Jesus to the Nations.  This year there were two awesome guest speakers.  It was a great weekend hearing from  KP Yohannan and Shane Claiborne.

The last week of March was my 30th week of pregnancy.  So here is the baby bump picture

I will try not to be too late next time getting pictures up and updating on the adventures of the Petersons

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