Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas with the Petersons

After the Christmas Eve service, at Saint James the Less church, it was off to a family friend’s house for the annual Christmas Eve feast. Micah’s whole family was there to indulge in the delicious food that had been prepared. We enjoyed a wonderful spread of chips, dip, shrimp, bacon wrapped water chestnuts, meat pies, salads, meat balls and to end it all off was the Christmas log! I had never tasted a Christmas log until I enjoyed my first Christmas meal with the Peterson 3 years ago. It was a tradition that was brought to the Peterson by Micah’s sister-in-law Deja. The log is made from Chocolate graham cookies and whipped cream. Let me tell you…it is sooo yummy! Deja being every creative made the log into the shape of a Christmas tree, complete with a star on top!

We woke up Christmas morning to a dark sky outside and a dimly lit living room at the Peterson house. Micah’s brother, Josh, soon arrived with his wife Deja and three children, who had already been up for a little while and were ready to dig into the pile of presents that were under Nanny and Papa’s tree. Before we dug into the pile of presents we sat in the living room to sing Christmas carols and listen to the story of Jesus’ birth read from the gospel of Luke.

It was a fun morning as we watched Jonah and Emma open their gifts. I was every blessed to be able to participate in a large family Christmas this year. Coming from a family of just me, mom and dad it was a lot different to be with 13 people on Christmas morning. After all the presents had been open it wasn’t long before all the children, yes this includes Micah and Weiwei, were gathered around one of Jonah’s toys. Dave and Rhonda had no idea that this cute little truck track would be as entertaining as it was. I think that every one played with it and the kids watched it for a couple hours that day.

While the boys where playing with the kids a big breakfast feast was being prepared in the kitchen. We enjoyed waffles with fruit and whipped cream, scrambled eggs, bacon, a sausage ring and homemade hot apple cider. When breakfast we completed Micah and I went for a little aerobic workout and walked to his cousins house to deliver their gifts. We did get to enjoy a small nap in the afternoon before heading down to “the building” for the Peterson/Jamer Christmas dinner. There were 32 people there to enjoy a huge Christmas feast of turkey, potatoes, squash, veggies, stuffing, rolls and of course GRAVY!!!!

Feeling extremely stuffed from the evening we all decided to take it easy that night and enjoy a movie at Josh and Deja’s house. Little did we know that the DVD of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory comes complete with Oompa Loompa dance lessons! Yes you read that right….picture the scene of 11 adults at Josh and Deja’s house learning the Oompa Loompa dance filled with turkey dinner. It was an extremely fun Christmas day and I think that we might have found ourselves a new Christmas tradition..hahah….

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