Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas with the Stewarts!

We had our Stewart Christmas celebration on December 24th. Mom woke up bright and early Christmas morning to start the preparations for our Christmas feast! I love waking up on Christmas morning to the smell of turkey in the oven. I couldn’t sleep anymore so finally I headed down stairs to help mom out. Once we had finished preparing cinnamon buns for breakfast, it was up the stairs to wake up the boys.

Micah and I were so blessed to get so many wonderful presents from my family! I was very excited to get a Swiffer Wet Jet for Christmas (yes…you can now tell that I am an old married women! ha-ha) and Micah was very happy to receive new "clickable", non-page-bleeding sharpe highlighters and a huge bag of homemade
beef jerky! Hoorah!!!

This is my dad and our dog Zack in their Christmas outfits!

After everything was opened we went outside to take advantage of the fresh snow fall. We decided to build a huge snow man, since the snow was prefect! Our snow man turned out to be about 7 ½ feet tall. Micah being very creative found some long grass (to make a mullet), rocks, branches and a little red hat for the snow man! I am sure that my parents really loved having a sight like this on their front yard!

We enjoyed a wonderful feast with many of my family members. As you can tell Micah was very tired from all the excitement of the day and ended up having a nap with Ella on the living room floor. After his nap time, it was off to Saint John for the Christmas Eve celebration at his church with his family!


lovesick vagrant said...

i love the mullet snow man

Your Father said...

Ask for permission prior to exposing your FATHERS picture to the entire world.