Friday, December 02, 2005


For the truth that is!

Micah and I have just set up a new blogspot called hungry for truth. This page is dedicated to the One and Only king of KINGS and lord of LORDS. We will be posting messages about what God has been doing in our lives. It will be things that God is teaching both of us through His living word, books and teachings we hear. Our King Jesus is AWESOME!!! So come and check out the transformation He is doing in our lives.

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Shiloh*~ said...

I AM hungry!! And when I notice that I'm not, I groan that I WANT to be more hungry!
I'm so glad you are too, and that by your example and willingness to share what you're learning and how you're growing, others will get hungry too!
Thanks Micah and Katie!
I was talking with a friend last night, and in light of the ever-darkening days and how crazy the Bible says it's going to get the closer we get to King Jesus's Return, she said we should really be getting God's Word into our heart, at least one book each. If everyone did that, we'd together be walking Bibles, and we could encourage and build one another up in the Truth without fear of losing the written/online copies we are so blessed to have now!
Remember Psalty, the singing songbook's encouragement to the Kids' Praise Kids?
"I wanna hide God's Word in my heart; it's a lamp unto my feet. I wanna read God's word every day; it's my food, my bread, and meat. I wanna stand on the Truth of the Bible, I wanna open my eyes, I wanna MEMORIZE!" (I may have mistaken a few words, but that's the gist of it.)
Happy Growing! May we together grow up into Christ Who is our Head! (Ephesians 4:14-16)