Friday, December 23, 2005

Home for the Holidays!

I got to go home for Christmas break a bit earlier then Micah did. I was able to hitch a ride to Saint John with Micah’s parents on Dec. 19th and spend a couple of days at the Petersons before traveling home to St. Stephen with my Dad. I had so much fun home with my mom! We did some Christmas shopping and baking. I also got to hang out with my two cousins (who are like sisters) and my nieces!

Chloe and I spend a whole day together baking some Christmas goodies. She is a great cook and a wonderful help!

Micah an
d Weiwei came down Thursday night after they finished a long day of work! We spent Friday with my family again playing with Chloe (while Ella slept) and showing Carrie how to blog!

night my family had a huge Chinese meal. We ordered out and got to eat out of the very cool take out boxes!

The men spent most of the night relaxing on the couch playing the guitars together, before settling down at the table to play dominoes with mom and I. We went to bed farley early that night because we were having Christmas the next morning.

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Shiloh*~ said...

Hey Guys!
Welcome back to "regular" life ;o)
I just started back to work today...not too bad, but I did need a wee nap mid afternoon!
Congrats on the swiffer gift! I just noticed you said it was a "wet jet" swiffer. I hope it provides for a good drying method, because from experience, and my kind landlord's heads up, I've learned that laminate floor boards expand when you get water between them, so it's important to dry them quickly if/when they get wet. Maybe you've already figured that out, but just in case...Happy house-cleaning!!