Sunday, December 18, 2005

Busy month!

December was very busy month! We had lots of preparing to do for our Christmas break. We did take some time out of our busy schedule to hang out with our friends Stephen and Maria. We taught them how to play Dutch Blitz! They both were very quick learners and we had a wonderful night.

The next morning it was off to Fredericton to attend a confirmation service. Micah’s good friend TC was being confirmed along with 12 other youth. The small church was packed with family and friends. After the service we headed over to the church hall to enjoy a small lunch. It was a lot of fun chatting with old friends!

Can I get Confirmation? I said, can I get a CONfirmation!!

We love the MacMullins!!

Me and Eli Chillin. Eli wanted to pose with a serious look........but I caught him smiling!! Word up Eli!


T.C. said...


thanks for coming to my conformation guys!


Micah and Katie said...

It was a pleasure! We love your family!