Sunday, December 11, 2005

No More Freezer Space

Well Katie and I decided that we would introduce Weiwei to some special Christmas treats that we have been enjoying throughout our childhood. Katie and I have combined our family traditions to create one super tradition. It consists of Katie's beloved Moco Cake and my Peanut Butter Balls and Sugar Cookies, and our Noodle Doodles (Noodle Doodles are quickly becoming our favorite simply because it is so much fun to say........"Noodle Doodle", *chuckling to myself*).

Once we had the chocolate chips melted down, we all we a little stumped as to how we should cote the peanut butter balls. After calling mom, we found out that the best way to cover them is by using chop sticks!!! It makes way too much sense! Weiwei hauled out our plastic chop sticks and started coting like a pro. Here we thought we were going to teach Weiwei how to make Christmas treats and he was making peanut butter balls like he'd been doing it his whole life!

While Weiwei and I worked on the peanut butter balls and noodle doodles (hahaha, noodle doodle), Katie was hard at work on her moco cakes! So many peanuts....... It was so much fun. Near the end of our cooking, Weiwei and I noticed that some of the chocolate had started to harden around the ends of the chop sticks. We thought it was funny because we couldn't shake it off..................but we soon discovered that it wasn't chocolate at all!!! The chop sticks were melting!! After cooling them off in the water, they became hard again, but it was certainly an emotional experience!

After all the Christmas cooking was finished and the fridge was full.........

Weiwei had a little relaxing time in our new (old Peterson) chair!

We also taught Weiwei how to play Dutch Blitz so that he would be ready for the Peterson/Jamer madness as he will be joining joining us for Christmas. We're going to have Christmas at the Stewarts first, then on to the Petersons. I don't know if Weiwei knows what he is in for : )

Finally, we all got dressed up and headed off for the Whitehill Christmas Dinner Party. Katie looked super snazzy in her new dress pants, boots and her favorite plad jacket which she rocked all night : )

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Adam O said...

Mmmmm, peanut butter balls... *drool lands on keyboard* Katie, glad you found pants for the party. Did hubby take you shopping on Saturday? How good of him!
Can't wait to see you guys, and to meet Weiwei.