Friday, December 09, 2005

Cookie Party

Last night we hosted a cookie party! Now some of you are probably like: " A cookie party?? But don’t they live in a one bed room apartment…how did they have a party??" Well, I don’t really know how we did it, but we managed to squeeze everyone in for this wonderful night. Due to the Christmas spirit, the church
that we are attending is putting on a

production called the living nativity, so as young adults we decided to
bake and decorate cookies for the production.

I did the pre baking and then everyone who was over put their creativity to work and decorated all 100 cookies (give or take a few for the “oops it broke” excuse, which lead to the eating of the cookie). Of course a party just isn’t a party without an ice cream break, and since we had all kinds of cookie decorations, our bowls of ice cream were looking quite festive!

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J.K. said...

Opps it broke excuse lol! I think I have heard that one a lot! Man what a shame that is guess I will just have to eat it lol!