Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Back to Work

Yes, Christmas season has come to an end for me (Micah). And what a Christmas it was! You can expect that when there is nothing on the blog for a while, we are busy, and when we are busy, we have lots to blog about when we get back!!! So let's start off with a simple picture. This is our apartment window. You may notice that there are Christmas lights and that Katie has hung these beautiful ornaments! They are my breakfast! hahaha. Katie cut up some of our oranges and apples and baked them to a crisp. They are very lovely as you can see and I felt it would be nice to show off my wife's creative decorating skills as we start off our Christmas blogging!

What's that? You say you are all Christmasted out? Nonsense, I still have plenty of Christmas cheer (about 10 pounds worth : ) and several chocolat peanut butter balls left. So stayed tuned everyone........we're back to work!

PS - For any picture fanatics, this picture was really pretty normal at first. It's taken with a 3 MPX camera with no focus technology. But thanks to Google, you can make crazy edits to pictures like a pro. Just google "picasa" and play around with it. This one is a black and white with a soft focus on the apple. My favorite button is "I'm feeling lucky". Fun stuff!!


Matt and Carrie said...

your photography is wonderful, but you should never give away your secrets

Stephen Weyman said...

It's no secret that Micah is a Google lover ;)