Friday, December 09, 2005

Blogging Etiquette

Well, we've noticed that a lot of people have started to blog in the past few weeks. We expect that many more of you you will be starting up blogs of your own in the new year and we thought we would share a couple tips that we have learned along the way......

1. DO NOT take pictures in stores - This little tip is from a recent incident (which actually inspired this entry) at the super store. Kate Phinney and I were having a blast playing playstation 2 with the eye toy. There is a TV screen and you try to pop bubbles and knock dancing fairies off of clouds (I don't know if you are suppose to knock them off........we seemed to be getting game over awefully fast) by waving your arms around and clapping while the video camera tracks your moves. To add to the halarity, you can see yourself on the screen. Now you can just picture people walking by and seeing two lunitics waving and clapping at a TV screen............ So we were going to take a picture...........guy comes out and says: "No pictures in the store". Makes sense right? You wouldn't want someone comming into your house, taking pictures and then posting them on the Internet without permission. So that is the first tip and you may have noticed that the costco entry is now gone.

2. ALWAYS ask for permission - You should always ask people that you are taking pictures of or writing about if they want to be on your blog. This is pretty common sense, but we have started to make a point of it.

3. NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER.......AND I MEAN EVER - blog about your work place. This is a no no no. There are stories of people getting fired, sued, you name it. The first Google employee to get fired was telling the world inside details about his company on his blog (he wasn't trying to, he just wasn't thinking). You may think that this is your personal journal, but it is not. If you need to vent, use paper! Most people sign a confidentiality agreement and stuff like that, so it is very very bad to take pictures, or write about your work.

Happing Blogging!


Shiloh*~ said...

Thanks for the wise tips, Micah and Katie!!

Adam O said...

Sounds like some pretty good advice. I think I will put it into practice... Dear Katie, I posted about my trip to Moncton on my blog and it has you in it. I didn't think you'd mind, but if you do I will certainly remove you from it... or at least change your name. Maybe something like Shmatie Shmeterson? Hahaha. Anyway, I had an awesome time with you yesterday. I hope I'll be able to come up and visit again. Maybe next time I can stay longer so I can see Micah too. Thanks again for the cookies!
Adam O

Matt and Carrie said...

HELP, how do I get everything onto one page, everything is seperate.