Thursday, December 15, 2005

Laura came to visit!

I was so blessed this week to have my friend, Laura, come to Moncton for a visit. Laura and I became great friends at university. We were both in the same small program which allowed us to see each other more then once a day! This was our first visit together since the wedding so we had a lot of catching up to do. Laura arrived early in the morning with a box filled with goodies for Micah and I. We spent the morning drinking coffee, eating pumpkin muffins and looking at our wedding photos. Soon it was off to the mall to do some Christmas shopping. The mall of course was packed so we tried to make it has painless as possible! Then it was across the parking lot to Chapters. What I beautiful store that is. I spent my time reading a question/ answer book about the Chronicles of Narnia, well Laura finished up her Christmas shopping. Soon our bellies were rumbling so we decided to have lunch together. We went to Cora’s and enjoyed a wonderful omelet meal. We were both very sad to see the day had passed us by so fast, as it was now time for Laura to make her long journey back to John Ville. We must not wait that long to see each other again Laura!! Micah and I will come to the farm house for the next visit!

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John K Hamilton said...

Hey have you seen the movie yet? I saw it last week and hopfully I am gonna go again tonight! I LOVED IT ...(better than LOTR sorry Micah)! Part of it could have been who I went with as well though the LOTR movies take a really close second becuase of the people I went with. Anyway Micah that insedent with the skittles I still tell everyone! They find it funny and I still laugh every time I think of it! Anyway later God Bless!