Monday, January 02, 2006

Winter is Upon Us

Well, Moncton winters are known to be fierce. The blistering cold whips through the city with a bone chilling wind. The snow can sometimes bury cars and homes under a heavy white blanket. Therefore Katie and I have been busy preparing for this blustery season! I just recently armed my car with some mighty all season tires and lots of windshield wiper fluid. Most importantly though, we dress for the winter! People sometimes get warm just looking at us in our nice winter outfits!!

Even though the cold can sometimes keep us inside, we often enjoy our hot coco (thanks Nancy!) and a rousing game of Tetris (1 Tetris is a puzzle game invented by Alexey Pajitnov in 1985, while he was working for the Academy of Sciences in Moscow, Russia during the days of the Soviet Union. Pajitnov has cited pentominoes as a source of inspiration for the game). We wish one and all a wonderfully snowy season!

1 - Tetris according to Wikipedia

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Josh K said...

Hey Micah and Katie,
Got your blog addy from Dave & Rhonda - good to get news of you. Congrats on the marriage!
Take care, and Blessings!