Sunday, April 23, 2006


Step 5: Filling the dumplings

Now this step was very hard at first but after we practiced folding about 5 or 6 we finally got the hang of it and we were filling dumplings like pro’s! I even had a dumpling filling dance since Weiwei told me that my dumplings were looking great and that they love to eat the well stuffed ones I think he called them “fat babies”

Step 6: Cooking the dumplings

Weiwei and Micah looked after this part. I think they just filled a big pot up with water and boiled the dumplings. Soon they were finished and it was time for us to sit down and try our little works of art. In China they use lots of different dipping sauces for their dumplings so of course Micah dug through our refrigerator to find anything and everything he could to dip his dumplings in. I am pretty sure that he was using some left over roast beef gravy to dip them in and don’t forget the ketchup!

Step 7: Eating the dumplings

Micah and I both really loved the dumplings, even though we couldn’t eat as many as Weiwei. He told us on average he could eat about 25-30 dumplings and the girls eat about 15-20, I didn’t make it even close to that number and either did Micah.

Step 8: Eating the dumplings as leftovers

So after you have a meal out of the dumplings you get to eat them again the next day, only this time you get to pan fry the little guys. Micah was very excited about this idea so he and Weiwei took the leftovers to work the next day. Along with the dumplings Micah took a container of the gravy and the ketchup bottle.

We enjoyed our time learning about the Chinese culture. It still surprises me that there are no chicken balls or red sauce in China but I guess I will live and continue to enjoy the treat we get here!


Adam O said...

I think I see my fav condiment in the world there on your table. It is the Memories of Thailand one... it is sweet and spicy and yummy too!

Stephen Weyman said...

Those look a little soggy for me ... sorry Weiwei :( If they were fried or baked to begin with I'd probably find them much yummier!

I've actually participated in making dumplings myself before. They're kind of fun to make!

kristy said...

wow, a whole entire blog entry dedicated to food! I love the step by step instructions!!!
did you get any cool mail yet???? check your mail box ....