Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A day with Lisa and Naomi

With Passover weekend coming up I decided to make some yummy easter egg cookies! My new friend Lisa joined me for a moring of lots of baking with her 6 month old daughter Naomi.

Since it was so beautiful here last week we decided that after we were finished making the cookies we would take Naomi for a walk in the park. We went to the park a little after lunch to find that so many people had the same idea. There were lots of people there enjoying their lunch break around the pond. There were also a lot of ducks enjoying everyone else's lunch break around the pond as well. I guess Naomi must have been pretty tried from all the morning baking because she fell asleep face first in her stroller.


sarahNrutherford said...

What a beautiful baby!

T.C. said...

HA HA! what a hilarious picture, but cute.


Jessica said...
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