Monday, April 24, 2006

Making Chinese Dumplings

Weiwei decided that since he tries most “new” Canadian food here at our apartment that it was time for Micah and I to try some “new” or should I say “traditional” Chinese food. However it wasn’t just a day to try the new food it was going to be evening of learning how to prepare Chinese dumplings.

There are some important steps that need to be followed and we made sure to take some pictures at each important step.

Step 1: Dicing the Napa (Chinese cabbage)

This step is for the man to do because it is vigorous labor. So Weiwei and Micah were in charge of making sure the Napa was finely diced

Step 2: Ringing out the Napa

When the cutting board gets too filled up with diced Napa you must put it into a big mixing bowl where you add a little salt to the cabbage. The salt is used to help the water come out of the cabbage. Once all the cabbage is cut up it is then the men ring the cabbage out to get all the water out of it. This takes a lot of muscles to do and I am so thankful there were two strong men here to do it!

Step 3: Stirring the ground pork

During this stage it is very import to stir the meat in ONLY one direction. You must keep a counterclockwise momentum going while all the ingredients are added to the ground pork.

Step 4: Chopping more ingredients

While I was stirring the ground pork and Napa, Weiwei was busy at work chopping up green onions and ginger. He was also very busy pouring other ingredients, like Soya Sauce, into the mixture.

Micah on the other hand was trying to be funny taking pictures of him self drinking the Soya sauce. Until he realized that the cover was not on tightly and it spilled into his mouth and all down his face and clothe.

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