Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Thursday trip to Wal-Mart

So for our 8 month anniversary we decided to take a venture to Wal-Mart. We saw that in the flyer for that week had a mini BBQ’s on sale for $13!! We thought this was a great price and decided to check it out. After being greeted by the ever-so friendly door greeter we came across a massive amount of these mini-grills. Once Micah had finished looking it all over we decided to pick one up. This is where the adventure begins. Wal-Mart has consumers all figured out, just because the grill’s where close to the door doesn’t mean the propane tanks are. Nope, they were all the way to the back of the store and anyone who has ever been to at least one Wal-mart in their lives knows that everything under the sun is between these two points. Since we had to walk all over the store and we were picking things up that we needed I decided that it would be smart for us to get a kart! Well I didn’t know that Micah had such big issues with pushing a kart at Wal-mart. After walking around with him, not willing to push the cart or even stand close to it, we were finished our Wal-Mart trip and ended up coming out with more stuff then what we went in for. So from now on if we can’t carry it then we don’t need it is our new Wal-Mart slogan!

Micah here, I would just like to clarify that I only don't like pushing karts at Walmart. It's hard to explain, it's just weird. Grocery karts are for grocery stores and that's that.

Returning home Micah looked very manly putting together our mini BBQ. We are excited to put the grill out side of our basement window for the summer season!

Our date night got pretty exciting while I was putting the BBQ together! Katie accidentally spilled some boiling water on her arm (I may have being distracting her with my manly tools and stuff, not sure) and I rushed off to the pharmacy for some cream. The lady said that it is best to go to the hospital in case it gets infected, so we spent the rest of our night talking to doctors and stuff. The Lord was good to us, we got right in and out and the doctor gave us all kinds of free stuff!! Horrah for free things! Our date nights don't always go as planned, but they are usually memorable!


T.C. said...

whoa! what a deal! $ 13 !!!


Anonymous said...

Mich if she is related to me and she is don't let her near the grill. As my girls told Vann I ususally make burnt offerings. Being forwarned is being forarmed. Aunt D

Ben Peterson said...

The problem with carts at wal-mart is that Micah doesn't have a long enough mullet for that kind of work.
On another note, you didn't happen to pick me up a 13§ grill, did you?