Monday, April 10, 2006

Engagment Party for Renee and Harry

Last week we celebrated the engagement of our friends Renee and Harry. We had such a lovely time getting to know their friends, family and church community. The host of the party did a wonderful job with all the food preparations! Everything there tasted so good. There wedding date is planned now for July 29th, 2006.

Micah and I met Renee through Genieve and Phil. Since then Renee and I have become great friends and we are very excited to see her marry Harry this summer. Renee and I usually hang out friday afternoons and it seems like everywhere we go we are asked the same question..."Are you guys twins?" (I guess you need to see us when we are both wearing glasses!)

Micah and I have been blessed so much moving to Moncton and finding many other Christian couples to spend time with.

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renee said...

We love you guys
Renée & Harry
In Christ