Sunday, April 16, 2006

Resurrection Day!

Our church put on a really neat presentation on Sunday morning. Katie's parents were up on the weekend, so they got to come to our church! Katie helped make a dance for the kids and they waved palm branchs to the song: "Prepare the Way!". It was awesome. It was a gripping musical showing the last few days of Christ on earth. Sometimes I think: "I've heard this story so many times", but when I'm watching and listening to it, I love it. I could never hear it too many times. I love to think about how Christ Jesus has defeat death and conquered the grave. Keith Green says in one of his songs that: "The power of death has been blown apart!". We have so much to look forward to! I'm so excited! After church, we headed to Saint John and had a big meal with all the fam.

Well, we had a pleasant suprise this Resurrection Sunday. Instead of having ham (well, I guess we did have ham too : ), we had turkey and as you all know, gravy comes from turkeys and not pigs!

Our family seems to be getting bigger these days : ) It was really fun. We had nan and gramp J, uncle Jerry and auntie Carol, my cousin Sarah, the colemans, mom and dad, Josh and Deja and family, Burt and Nancy, Sister Shiloh, MH and Jamie (breath), Ehsan and Zainab and Katie and I.

Sarah made these amazing rice crispy bird nests. We were all trying to sit close to empty spots so that we could have two! Ok, so only me and Burt were doing that.

Burt and I were busy taking pictures of the event and we even caught each other taking pictures of each other!

After lunch, we headed up to the house for a little chocolate hunt. Emma not only found lots of Chocolate, but she also found one of her teeth that fell out!! Neato. It was a great weekend!


Adam O said...

Awww, looks like a fun-filled and family-filled Resurrection Sunday!

T.C. said...

ha ha, yes man! Keith Green, he has a song for almost every occasion!

Miss ya brotha

Anonymous said...

I never got enough chocolate Sunday so I went shopping Monday looking for some discount Easter Candy. Who did I run into at the Bulk Barn? Harry and Jamie.

They also were shopping for discount Easter Candy.