Saturday, April 01, 2006

30 hour fast

This post will be one of the few were we will not be tell you about delicious descriptions of food. This post is all about how we spent 30 hours fasting with the Soul Purpose Youth ministry at our church. We were raising money for a milk program in Senegal, West African and for Teen Challenge Atlantic Canada.

We had such a GREAT weekend even though it did not revolve around food. We started our weekend off Friday March 31 at 4. It was a beautiful sunny day so we spent most of the late afternoon and evening outside balling games.

Around 7 we had our first session on Daniel Chapter 3. Our youth leader Dwight did many sessions throughout the weekend on Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Later that night we enjoyed playing board games and Nintendo! Everyone really loved playing jungle speed.

The next morning we got up to do some male/female devotionals before all meeting together to enjoy learning more about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. The weather outside was really nice so again we just spend the day doing whatever we enjoyed! Some of the kids watched a movie, some went for a walk, and some played Nintendo. By 6 pm we were starting to get really hungry but things needed to get done for the Youth Rally we were having with other youth groups from the City. At 7:30 the youth rally started with about 100+ youth there! The time of Worship, Teaching and Prayer was really great! At one minute before 10 pm the kids (and youth leaders) started the count down. When 10 hit everyone was diving into the table filled with sandwiches, sweets and chips! After everyone had at least one sandwich the PARTY PIZZA’S came out! What a great weekend we spent with the youth group at the church.

On Sunday morning each one of us who had participated in the fast(24) stood up on the platform and gave a cheque for $5065.00. We were really proud of each person taking part in the fast. Everyone who wanted to take part had to raise $150.00. We just heard that since we announced our total we have been given more donations! We think that thy end count will be close to $5300.00.

Thank you to all who donated money to us and for praying for us!

PS- Your right there is food… even in this post!

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kristy said...

hey, Food is the number one way to fellowship, next to coffee .... so it only make sense that fellowship junkies like your selves would include the food you enjoy while you fellowship in the name of the Lord. I love it!!!!
p.s. email update coming soon!!!!!