Saturday, April 08, 2006


Saturday morning I was awakened to the wonderful smells of breakfast in Bed. Micah decided to get up really early and prepare breakfast for me before I had to go to the church to teach dance lessons! We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast together of pancakes, fruit, and hot coffee! It was great and just what I needed to get through my dance practice!

When practice was over around noon we decided to head to Day Spring for the day to spend some time with Micah’s family. We had just got great news the night before that Micah’s sister-in-law Deja is pregnant and baby Peterson number 4 will be here late November. I spent the afternoon hanging out with Rhonda because Micah had to make an emergency trip to the muffler shop because the pipe under the car broke in two while we were driving.

We took down lots of deer steaks and deer burger that we got when we were in Antigonish (thanks Army) and enjoyed a wonderful BBQ! Jonah picked up really fast that the men in the family don’t use knifes or forks when they are finishing off their steaks and decided he was going to eat just like daddy, papa and uncle Micah.After supper we spent a great evening visiting with Josh and Deja!

It was up early again on Sunday morning to travel back to Moncton because the African choir was singing on Sunday. They did a great job and had the whole church on their feet singing and dancing along with them! After having a much need Sunday nap we headed outside for a wonderful walk around the neighborhood. The weather here has been very nice and we have been taking advantage of it almost every night! When we got back from our walk Micah began preparing supper (he always cooks on the weekends) and I sat down to enjoy a book. It didn’t take long before the smells of fried onions began filling the apartment and before I knew it Micah had invented a new kind of nachos!

Yes you are seeing correctly from the picture that these nachos are loaded with fried hotdogs, onions, bacon and cheese! Along with these nachos we enjoyed fried hotdogs wrapped in fried flax seed bread and covered with a melted cheese slice. At least we had flax seed bread for supper.... hahaha

Being married is a lot of fun but also a lot of COMPROMISING!


Aunt D. said...

Vann not only does the cooking but the dishes too. But he does not eat flax seed. I guess I'll keep him.

Jessica said...

Hey guys! It seems like you are doing awesome and God is doing great things in your life right now. May he continue to pour more of himself into both of you each and everyday. Be Blessed.