Thursday, September 01, 2005

Honey Moon Adventure Day 5

Thursday was a really fun day! We woke up at 6:00 AM to get ready to go. We packed a lunch and hit the road for Edmonton. It took 3 hours to get from the cabins and with Katie’s great navigation skills (did you read that Dee and Al), we got to the west Edmonton Mall no problem! It is humongous! We stated at the not so popular Zellers side of the mall and bought all the things that we needed right there. Then we went exploring and shopping. We looked at the amusement part and decided to go on the rollercoaster! It was awesome! It was so packed tight inside the building that the corners were crazy. There were three loop-to loops. The last one was small, but so tight that you felt like you were going to pop. After that, we went shopping and Katie bought a new cowboy hat (YEHAW!). Then we went back to the car and had lunch. We then drove around the mall to get to the water park…we were too lazy to walk. Then we went to the water park for 3 hours, but it seemed like we were there all day because we never stopped! We tried every slide and we had a blast. Katie’s favorite was the wave pool. The wave pool turned her into a little kid again as she jumped and jumped and jumped. The waves were huge and it was a ton of fun! At 4:30 I had to drag Katie away from the horn blast which signaled another round of waves! WE then went out to Boston Pizza for supper; we enjoyed a delicious supper before handing back to our cabin in the woods.

We had to stop in Bentley due to Katie’s craving for ice cream. WE stopped and met a nice lady named Janice. I told her how we knew the walkers and that we just got married. After we ordered our waffle ice cream cones, which were huge, she said that it was a wedding present for us and we were stunned. GOD is SOOO good. Finally we made it home safe and went straight to bed. I’m still fighting a cold and Katie is staying healthy.

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