Monday, September 05, 2005

Honey Moon Adventures Day 8

Monday morning we got up and packed up all our staff and ate our great breakfast of croissants, bagels and OJ. We went upstairs and said our goodbyes to Elaine and her family. We exchanged email addresses. She gave us a great blessing, and sent us on our way back to NB. On our way back home Micah needed to stop and have his picture taken infront of his favorite mountian!

We went to Bentley to Deja’s family home to pick up Rhett and headed to Calgary. We met up with Dwayne @ a Tim Horton’s (the Eastern meeting point!) We were really tried from our late night and our long drive so we did not really feel like seeing the sights. We went back to Dwayne’s house instead to met his family and house mates. We enjoyed a lovely homemade meal, then Micah, I and our new friend Dave (who is a YWAMer) went to Tehillah Monday. It was great we got to chit chat with our friend Laura Woodley and her fiancĂ© Daniel. After the service Dave took us to the airport to catch our red eye flight.

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