Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Honey Moon Adventure Day 9

Now we know why they call it a red eye flight! We arrived back in Moncton only to find that the FART mobile won’t start. We flagged down a nice gentlemen who tried to give us a boost but it didn’t work so he drove us to an automotive center, which also didn’t work, so when we got back to the car (praying the whole way) we tried one more time before calling Tri (Micah’s Mechanic). He told Micah to hit the starter with a hammer. So it was back to the civic to try this advice…with only one problem…Micah didn’t know where the start was! So he began banging on the “starter” with a hammer. Until we heard a deep voice say

-“Car troubles”- deep voice man

- “Yes” Micah replied in what seemed to be a kid’s voice. We looked very tiny when we saw that the voice was coming out of a 2006 dodge ram.

- “I have the same car” –deep voice man

- “My mechanic told me to hit the starter with a hammer” Micah

-“Well that’s not the starter”- deep voice man

Soon the man was in the parking lot and the civic was running again! Praise the LORD!

We headed to PEI and reached the Farnham’s late in the afternoon. After meeting Mary-Lynn she blessed us with fresh vegetables from her garden and gave us directions to their cottage. Once we got to the “resting place” we went to sleep for 14 hours, we were very tried!

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