Saturday, September 03, 2005

Honey Moon Adventures Day 7

Saturday was moving day. WE packed up and headed off to the park of Banff after a great bowl of alphabet cereal. We drove into the glorious mountains and were blown away by their size and beauty. It was certainly amazing to drive through those giants. WE stopped and took pictures along the way. When we got to Lake Louise we packed up our picnic basket book bag and headed for the sights. The lake was BEAUTIFUL!! Everyone, and I mean everyone, was taking their picture by the lake with the crazy mountains in the background. We then hiked up yet another mountain to check out the tea room. It was quite a hike, but we were very fast and once at the top, we ate our salad, hamburger, Kraft dinner with hotdogs and fruit. People were definitely jealous! Katie enjoyed a pot of coffee and I drank a nice apple spice tea. It was amazing, the food, the tea house, the view…and the funny fat chipmunks that everyone was feeding!! After Katie finished her pot of coffee…..she ran down the mountain saying ‘hi’ to every person going by. Just Joking, we were both very friendly, representing New Brunswick. Then we traveled to the busy little town of Banff and met Ellen our hostess. She was very friendly and told us everything about Banff and our spot. It’s great and we think we will enjoy it. We BBQ’d chicken on the B&B owners BBQ (they were so nice!) Elaine was having computer troubles so Micah is going to help her later tonight. After a wonderful garlic sauce supper, Katie tricked me into going downtown by saying that she felt bloated and needed a walk…Little did I know that she only wanted ice-cream! We walked downtown and looked at all the shop. It was cute; the town is very busy even though Elaine says that tourism is way down. We found the Red Carpet Inn and asked for Rick. He was not working yet, so I don’t know if we will get to see him. When we got home, we helped Elaine with her computers. I installed firefox and got a wireless card working. After that she gave us 6 ice cream bars/sandwiches. WOOAAH!!! Praise GOD! (Cause Katie didn’t get any ice-cream on our walk down town) After that we sat in the hot tub on a cloudless night, stared at the stars and ate ice cream…wow what a day!

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