Thursday, September 29, 2005

We did IT!!!

My dad and I started a bet about two years ago to not get hair cuts until after I graduated from University. My dad’s intentions were that we would cut our hair together and send it away to “locks for love”. Which is an organization that makes wigs for children who have lost there hair to cancer. The bet however got pushed back because of the wedding date. I didn’t want to cut my hair before the wedding so we continued to let it grow. After the wedding, Micah and I spent two weeks away and then moved to Moncton, with out my dad and I having the chance to get hair cuts. On Thursday morning Sept 29th I called my mom to tell her that I had, had enough and I was getting a hair cut. Our friend Nat Phinney was the brave guy who took me while Micah was at work. You should have seen the look on Micah’s face when he got home from work to find out I had lots 9.5” of hair! I told my mom not to tell dad that I was getting a hair cut so I could send it to him. Come to find out later that weekend my dad had called my mom Thursday night to tell her to meet him at the barber shop with the camera because he was going to have his hair cut! My dad ended up having 15” cut off. I guess it is true that Great minds think alike.

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