Tuesday, September 20, 2005


So my dear friend Paul, who I met at school, is originally from Moncton. I was excited that we had moved to the area and couldn’t wait to email Paul to tell him that we were living in Moncton. At this point I thought Paul was still hiking on the Appalachian Trail and we did not have the internet so I thought it would be a while until we could hang out with him.
Our second day in Moncton I decided to walk down the street to get an extra key cut for our apartment so Micah and I would both have a set. While walking back a car pulled in behind me as I was crossing the street, cutting me off. I was a little scared at first because the driving here is a lot more aggressive then in the small town of St. Stephen. When I turned around it was Paul! We were both so shocked it took us a while to spit words out of our mouths. He had just got home from the trail the day before and just randomly happened to be driving on the same street I was walking (Praise God). That night he and his sister came over to hang out. We looked at wedding pictures, talked about our summer adventures, played Nintendo and eat some yummy homemade and store made goodies. Posted by Picasa

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