Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Honey Moon Adventures Day 4

We woke up to the sun, another beautiful day. We took our time getting up and then made a nice pancake breakfast. Micah made banana, lindor chocolate pancakes!! They were AWESOME!!! We spent some time reading our couple devotional Bible (thanks Linda-Lee and Lauren) and prayed before we got geared up for our big hike. We packed up a nice lunch and headed for Shunda Mountain. It was very close to the cabins. We parked at the bottom and began the long, steep climb. We climbed for about 45 minutes on what seemed like a vertical climb. It was grueling, our hearts were racing and we stated second guessing our decision to climb the mountain. As we got near, the trees broke and the long tiring hike soon became worth it. The sight was absolutely breath taking. Every direction you looked was mountains after mountains. WE both praised God for his creation. It felt like the hills (only WAY bigger) on the sound of

music….as you can see Micah broke out into song and dance…I
think he has watched the movie more then once!
We continued up the trail until we reached the top 6800 feet!!

There was a little fire watch house at the top and before we knewit the fire watch guy Joe came busting out and was hurrying us into his little home ( It was much colder on the top of the mountain). Inside the watch tower was a look out spot that gave a great 360 view of all the mountains. Joe was so great, we stayed for quite a while well Joe gave us the history of the mountain and showed us the many pictures of all the people who had climbed mount Shunda. We had our picture taken for the album and Joe gave us a copy of the pictures he took. Then it was back down the very steep mountain trail. By this point Micah was very sick! Katie cooked a great supper but Micah was unable to eat it because he had lost his taste. We packed it up for leftovers tomorrow and headed off to bed!

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