Thursday, September 22, 2005

Our apartment

Our apartment has come a long way since we first moved in. I have been having lots of fun unpacking our stuff and rearranging the apartment to look just the way that I or should I say we like it. Micah and I spent one evening shopping around Moncton for shelves and other house things that we needed. We found these great shelf units at the Super Store, they came in pieces and needed to be assembled. Micah being the wonderful husband and handy men he is…had them together that every same night.

We pretty much have everything we need for our place except kitchen chairs. We have the table but for some reason we don’t have the chairs. Praise the Lord that Joanie, Micah’s aunt gave us these African stools. They are very multi-purpose units, we have been using them as our own tables as we sit on the floor to enjoy our meals.

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