Thursday, September 15, 2005

Apartment Shopping

We left this morning early to go apartment shopping because Micah was starting his job Monday morning at 8:30! We had gone through the papers last night looking at all the potential apartments that would allow us to move in right away. We used most of the car ride to pray for a place to live that would be cheap, clean, well lit, spacious and quite. We spent the day looking at gross smelly apartments that were very tiny. Finally we had an appointment to meet with a man that only rented to older residences. We took our chances and met with the nice French man. After walking into a beautifully clean and well lit apartment we decided to ask about pricing. The price was right and the space was great! It came with another storage space which was great since it was only a one bedroom. We decided to take it and he allowed us to have it since we were a young couple with a job. When we were writing out checks he told us not to worry about September since there was only two weeks left. PRAISE GOD!!! We handed back to St. John that night with an apartment and a busy schedule of packing!

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