Saturday, January 14, 2006

Good Old Maritime Meal

First I should start off by apologizing to our faithful readers for not being up to date on our postings! We are truly sorry for making you wait so long to hear about our lives.

On January 14th we had the pleasure of meeting a newly married Christian couple from here in Moncton. They where married the weekend before Micah and I (Aug. 20th). Genieve and her husband Phil joined Micah and I for a good old Saturday night meal of baked beans, hotdogs and macaroni and cheese. This is our new bean crock that we got for Christmas!

This was the first time that Micah and I had ever invited people over to our house who we had never officially met before. When we moved to Moncton some friends in Fredericton who knew Micah gave this young couple our email address. We have been emailing each other since we moved here in September but with all of our traveling on the weekends and Genieve’s schoolwork there was just no time where our schedules fit together. Micah and I had planned on making this meal the night before and when we started to prepare it on Saturday morning we felt like today was the day to get together! We had such blast learning about each other, eating beans, drinking tea, enjoying a wonderful fruit pizza for dessert (which we now know the difference between evaporated milk and Eagle brand milk) and a fun game of Dutch Blitz, which Paul joined us for! We found out later in the evening that Genieve was with Micah and I on the long bus ride we took our first Christmas together to Urbana! God is always surprising us!

*For you Dutch Blitz players you might find these scores a little bit funny. Remember that this was the first time that Genieve and Phil had ever played. Just to note that Micah and Paul played on a team together switching off every other game!

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kristy said...

one of my favorite french chirstian couples!!!