Saturday, January 28, 2006

A quick trip home

So this past Saturday morning Micah and I woke up and decided to take a trip to St. John for the day. It’s always an adventure traveling with us. Half way through the trip I decided that I need to have something warm to drink. Something like a coffee….So we stopped, at of course, Tim Horton’s. Usually when I get to Tim Horton’s I for some reason always have to use the rest room. So I left Micah in charge of ordering my coffee. When I came out I noticed that Micah had more then a coffee due to the very full little brown bag he was holding on to.

When we got to the car, Micah hauled out ONE sour cream glazed Timbit for me.

(pictures not to scale)

Then he hauls out a Boston Cream DOUGHNUT for himself. Yes people my wonderful husband purchase a Timbit for me and a Doughnut for himself. For all of you who know my drama ability you better believe that the man getting into his truck next to us got a show as I questioned Micah about the size of our treats! At least the man got a good laugh for the day!

We spent a wonderful after noon hanging out with Micah’s family chatting over tea and homemade baked goods. We had plans for the evening so we couldn’t stay to long and before we knew it we were one our way back to Moncton to join Genieve and Phil for supper. We had a great night with them enjoying Genieve’s cooking, looking at wedding pictures and of course playing some Dutch Blitz!


Monique said...

I'm sure this will make a great story to tell the kids someday! Ha! Ha! Too funny!

Monique :-)

Shiloh*~ said...

Yah! If I were you, Katie, I would have beat Micah up and made him switch treats! or at least share! :) lol
Boys will be boys...
Hope you have a great weekend again this weekend, whatever you do! Love you guys!


Shiloh*~ said...

Well, I felt bad for suggesting that Katie (or anyone for that matter) should beat my brother up for any reason, so I called Micah to apologize and got the rest of the story. I can totally imagine the amusing scene any by-standers would have had at your reaction to Micah's purchase, Katie! :o) However, I can now also understand Micah's logic...So have fun duking it out!
Your sis*~

Ben Peterson said...

For all your nutrition studies, you should be full of gratitude that Micah was thinking about your health. He was willing to attack his arteries with all sorts of junk to protect you. It's similar to jumping in front of a bullet headed your way.