Saturday, January 07, 2006

O O Oooooo, O O Oreo......What's in the middle?


Oh yes, it's the Birthday Boy and I am here to tell you that my 24th Bday celebration was one of the best yet! This is my favorite desert of all time.........Oreo Desert! Katie made one mean Oreo Desert for my Birthday. It has crushed up oreos and ice cream and chocolate fudge and peanuts!!!!! Hoorah! And check out this classic heirloom Peterson plate (thx sis!). As you can tell........I'm a little excited!

While I was out visiting my friend WeiWei with TC, who was up for the weekend, Katie was busy preparing a SURPRISE birthday parth for me with lots of Moncton friends!!! Katie prepared my favorite and only birthday meal, Mexican Pile-up. It is basically the best food of all time. Would you like to know what it it? You do? Ok : ) Let's make a song about it.

*Mexican Guitars Start up with Fervor*

Crush up the Taco Chips (Crush up the Taco Chips)
Then spread the Beans (Then spread the Beans)
Sprinkle on the Rice and the Spicy Hamburger
Now take a second now
Everyone Breath

You add some lettuce and tomato and some salsa too
You grate cheddar and a spoon of sour cream or two
Now add the Cheese Sauce,
the Cheese Sauce,
the Cheese Sauce,
the Cheese Sauce,
And now were through

*end guitars*

Now you are left with a mountain of mexican food! Hoorah! Here are some of our many guests packed into our tiny apartment! In fact, a few people had to sit on the floor.......sorry Matt and Paul = : ^ S

Usually that is my birthday; friends, mexican pile-up and oreo desert. This year though, Katie added a new bonus of Nana Jamer's special Corn Fritters!!!! Man, what a night! The bottle next to this little treat is Burt Stewart's Homemade Maple Syrup! Thanks Burt!

A few people had to leave after supper, but the rest of us headed over to our friend Stephen Weyman's apartment so that we could dance on his new playstation dance mats! Check out TC and me playing that funky music! It was a blast and WeiWei stunned us all with his incredibly fast chinese feet! (If you look closely at the picture, my legs are moving so fast that they actually seperated at one point, hahaha, just kidding)

We finished off the night with a really fun round of Cranium.

Thank you to all who came and to all who have sent me cards and email wishes. 24 was a big Bday!


Stephen Weyman said...

Proof that the Dance Dance Revolution revolution has come to the lives of me and my friends ;)

Matt and Carrie said...

hey happy belated birthday, seems like it was a good time had by all.

Adam O said...

Happy belated birthday Micah! Looks like you guys had a blast.
Oh, and Katie, can you cater my next party?

jenwhelly said...

Hey guys!
Happy belated birthday Micah, many blessings in the next year of your life, i miss you guys!! Blessings, jen