Saturday, November 26, 2005

We can seeeeee you.........

This is yet another exciting post! Our friend Google has just come out with a neat little tool that let's katie and I track information about our website! Google Analytics used to cost $199 US, but is now available for free (it is temporarily down due to high demand, but should be up again in a couple months for new signups....). Here are some exciting stats about YOU, our readers! Firstly, the map you see above, orange dots all the places in the world that people are visiting from! We would like to at this point say a special "Hi" to our Minnesota family (circled in red) and our South Korea readers (Sarah ? : ) A big hello goes out to all our worldwide readers!!

Secondly, we would like to say "Hi" to our majority Canadian readers! Hi friends and family! Here we see that most of our Canadian visitors are from New Brunswick (obviously : ), Katie's wonderful X friends (not X-Friends, but St FX University friends!!) and a large chunk also going to Quebec!! Salue Ben, Johanie, Lionel, Francine et famille (et posiblement d'autres...)!!! If there are any other Canadians we are forgetting, leave us some comments so we know who you are : )

Thirdly, this very interesting graph depicts the length of time it takes for our returning visitors to return to the site after visiting.............the large Zero pillar indicates most people are visiting the site more than once a day!!! Neato. And most others are visiting once a day. What does this mean for us? Well, it appears that people think our lives are a little more exciting than they actually are, hahaha. As time goes on, and our blogs become more monotonous and you get sick of our apartment colors, we may see this chart level out a little. Katie and I are hoping to have 1 -3 posts a week depending on how busy life is. You can use that to gage how often new stuff will be posted! We are also hoping to start a thought blog where we will put all the stuff we are learning and reading. We want to share all the stuff that we are learning about God as well as the run of the day from our lives! Look at the top on the right for links to these blogs as they appear and also links to friends blogs (Grampa Jamer's Blog and Eli's Blog are already up there!).

Lastly, we thought we would show this graph. This indicates when people are visiting the site. It appears that people are most likely to visit our site on weekdays. Weekends are a little slow. We realize that this makes sense because most people have access to computers at work and school.

So that is the end of this exciting episode of Micah and Katie. If anyone is interested in applying something like this to their website, let me know and I'll hook you up. Have a wonderful day and God Bless you all!


Anonymous said...

Moi aussi, j'ai commence a lire votre blogue :)
- Benoit

Naomi said...

That is really neat!! I would like to say that I am a faithful reader and I am in NS for only a few more days however, I am not a St. FX friend :) I love reading about your everyday adventures! See you soon.

kristy said...

the statistics are shocking!!! You guys are very loved!!!!

Micah and Katie said...

Sorry we forgot about you Nao (or any other readers)!! It's hard to know who all is reading........that it, until now! hahaha. Bonjour a toi aussi Benoit!!!

Anonymous said...

o0o I want to see who is reading my xanga, I have 100's of hits but no idea, i just have a counter

Adam O said...

This blog thing is great! I love knowing what you guys are up to, makes me feel like I talk to you guys a couple times a week. That software is awesome, you need to hook me up with that for my blog. Craziness!
Shoutout to all the New Brunswick readers!
Adam O

Anonymous said...

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