Saturday, November 19, 2005

Another trip to Fredericton

Micah had me up bright and early this morning. We were heading to Fredericton to celebrate with my Aunt at her pot-luck wedding. Micah really wanted me to make meat balls so that meant NO sleeping in. Within no time the meat balls were done, the car was loaded up and we were on our way to Fredericton for another weekend. We had to pick something up at Black’s in the mall…bad idea as it is Christmas season! Micah did not believe me that it would be so busy due to Christmas season. I guess that is because his idea of Christmas season is Dec 24th. Boy did he ever get a surprise when the parking lot was so filled with cars that he had to rush to the back just to get a spot. We tried our best to get in and get out of the mall as fast as we could.

We finally got out of the crazy mall and arrived at Sarah and Davey’s apartment to drop off our stuff because we were on our way to visit Ashley and Stacey. My dearest friends Ashley and Stacey celebrate there November birthdays together because they are only 4 days apart. I was blessed to be able to spend some time with them this weekend as it ended up that we were all in Fredericton. Micah and I had a lot of fun hanging out with both of them and their boyfriends as we drank coffee, tea and enjoyed their yummy birthday treats of hot sticky buns!

After a refreshing visit with my gals Micah and I were on our way to the church where my aunt Debbie was getting married. As we opened the church doors we were blown away by the loud and yet beautiful sounds of the bag pipes, played by my very own dad! It was not hard to miss him as we turned to enter the sanctuary, he was standing at the front of the church in his full bag piping uniform. It was a beautiful candle light wedding with my cousin Becky standing up beside her mother.

Becky’s new little girl Meghan also made her way down the aisle in her mommies arms as she played the flower girl roll. She was such a good baby never making any noise as she laid in her daddy's arms. When the ceremony was over, we had the good old family pictures taken before heading down stairs to join everyone in the eating celebration.

Micah and I were so tired from our long traveling day we decided to head out early to go back to Sarah and Davey’s to get into some comfy clothes. When we arrived back at their place, Davey had made it home from Duck hunting, and he didn’t come empty handed. We found 4 ducks and 2 partridges in their kitchen sink!

We had such a fun evening with the Parsons as we played Mario Party! Now let me tell you readers something about the Jamer-Peterson family, they are super competitive and intense when it comes to their games. Davey and I on the other hand are NOT competitively intense. Even though Sarah and Micah were way better then Davey and I, we still had made some great moves against them and even beat them in a couple mini games.

Micah did however come out on top and decided to even take a picture of the TV screen as it showed him “Donkey Kong” winning the SUPERSTAR award. We then decided to try our skills in Mario Kart but not before enjoying some yummy ice-cream. Once we were done our break, we starting playing Mario Kart. The ice-cream must have boosted Davey’s energy level and competitiveness right up there because the next thing I knew I was the black sheep coming in 4th for every race! I guess I am going to have to practice that game some more.

Sunday was such a fun day! Davey made us a delicious breakfast of scramble eggs, bacon and homemade toast. We ate in a hurry before rushing out the door and off to the Meeting Place Church. The service there was amazing; God showed up and ministered in powerful ways. After church, we got invited out for lunch at couple’s house. We enjoyed a yummy lunch of French Onion Soup, which was new experience for us because none of us had really had it before.

Before heading back to our little home in Moncton, Micah decided to have a photo shoot of Sarah and Davey wearing some of clothes that we wore to Debbie’s wedding. I decided on Saturday, before the wedding, that it was time for me to rock the cow boy hat that I bought out west on our honeymoon. Once Sarah put on the hat she ran to the closet to get out her fancy cowboy boots to match. While Sarah was doing that, Micah tossed Davey his brown plaid shirt that he wore to the wedding. Dave was already playing the guitar so Micah figured it would be a great photo!!

They looked so great! I think that we should do some sort of Christmas dress up theme!

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